After a much prolonged legal battle, the sexual harassment charges against actor Park Shi Hoo were dropped as of May 9th. According to the Western District Prosecutor's Office, for cases of sexual assault, in the case that the case is dropped, then prosecution no longer has the authority to indict. When the story broke out in February, the charges came to the fans and viewers alike as a shock because of Park Shi Hoo's upright public image, especially since taking his role on Cheongdamdong Alice. It was also a shock that the accusation happened as soon as he left Story Entertainment to set up his own entertainment company, Hoo Factory, with his family. The actor kept his composition and remained faithful to his initial claims throughout the case. The last action that Park Shi Hoo took regarding the case was making changes to his legal counsel. Park Shi Hoo has also dropped his suit against the accuser, marking a bitter the end to what it came to be the celebrity lawsuit of the year. The counter lawsuits between the actor and his former agency, however, still stands. (Source: