Do you ever watch a drama and think, "I could have written a better ending!"? I do all the time. So here is how Remember would have ended if it were up to me!

Mandatory Explanation: THIS IS NOT A SPOILER! (I have taken great pains not to spoil the actual ending for anyone who hasn't seen, or is currently watching the drama. I hate hate HATE it when I'm reading about a drama I haven't finished, and some random person posts, "Wow! Wait until you watch the next episode! The step sister was REALLY her biological mom and KILLED their pet dog!"

So I have been super careful not to put any information in this toon that isn't in the little description blurb at the bottom of all the episodes.

If I feel up to it, I plan to do alternative ending toons for other dramas. (Anyone got any suggestions?)

We'll start today's toon with Jin Woo at the medical office.

Oh! How terrible. And how unlucky, that Nam Gyu-Man, the most fun to hate villain in K-Dramas that I've watched in a l.o.n.g. time, has found out that his nemesis is going senile.

In MY version, the doctor calls Jin Woo back with some startling news. . .

What food can't Jin Woo eat if he wants to stay smart? It is RICE!  Omo!  Omo! If Jin Woo avoids rice, he can keep his amazing memory. If he eats it, he becomes a fool. It's one of those good news/bad news moments. Jin Woo is thrilled that his medical condition is treatable, but asking a Korean to give up kimbap? Fate is TOO CRUEL!

And so, at the conclusion of Gyu-Man's trial. . .

So now that that Gyu-Man has been sentenced, Jin Woo can resume a normal life. He and In-Ah marry and then there is a five year time skip. When we next see the happy couple they are at home with their cute little daughter, Mi-Mi.

What? I guess Mi- Mi has inherited the "rice makes your memory go bad" gene from her father. Oh well. This concludes my alternate ending toon. As long as they eat rice-less they will live happily ever after! Did you think it was a better ending than the original? Or could you write one even better?

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Remember (SBS)

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young

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