Any mother, no matter what age, can at times find raising kids to be bit of a struggle despite the happiness it brings. For 76-year-old Omkari Singh of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, raising the twins she had at 70 has brought on challenges unique to her own situation. But life is good.

Six years ago, Omkari and her now-89-year-old husband Charan decided to have another child by artificial insemination. She became the oldest woman in the world to have given birth to twins, Akashvani and Barsaat, a boy and a girl. The couple already had two grown children and five grandchildren, but their desire to raise a child was just too great to ignore.

As you can imagine, many in the community and the media questioned her actions, some even strongly condemning her for being selfish, all for obvious reasons. But Omkari brushed the criticisms aside, and after she had her twins, she raised them like any mother would. Unfortunately, one of her twins, Barsaat, passed away at four years old, leaving Akashvani to be raised alone. He is currently a healthy and active six year old, giving his mom fits as she dresses him in the morning and when she tries to get him to go get himself cleaned up.

Omkari wants to live long enough to see Akashvani get married. She sounds like an amazing woman. She says she's the happiest she's ever been, and with her vigor and positive attitude, she's probably got quite a few years ahead of her. Age is really just a number.


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