Just a few days ago, the Chinese Embassy in the United States received a special gift of photos from a retired US Department of State officer, and the embassy has decided to share the fascinating images with the world. The total of 24 black and white photos show various locations throughout China in the 1930s, giving all of us a chance to take a trip into the past and experience daily life in the Republic.

The fascinating photos you're about to see were once owned by the mother of retired US Department of State officer Richard Garrison, who used them to teach American students at the time about life in the Republic of China. The Chinese Embassy was more than happy to accept the wonderful photos, and they have released all 24 photos online so that people all over the world can take a look into China's past. "The Embassy really cherishes this precious gift and will share it with more people in both China and the U.S.," said Minister Wu Xi.

The beautiful photos are definitely worth a look. It really is mind-boggling to see how things were in the past and how different the world is today, in a little over 80 years. 


1. The Great Wall

2. A street vendor grinding soy beans

3. Caravan of camels outside Beijing

4. Beijing street

5. The Temple of Heaven in Beijing

6. Hong Kong

7. Transplanting rice

8. Empress Dowager Cixi's Marble Boat

9. Canton street

10. Canton treasury building

11. Unloading tea in the port of Hankow 

12. Free milk station in Peiping (Beijing)

13. Foochow Road, Shanghai

14. Nanking vegetable garden

15. Canton University

16. Yangtze River and Witches' Mountain

17. Bride and groom in Canton

18. Macao

19. Giant guarding the roads to Ming Tombs

20. Chapei (Zhabei) in ruins

21. Joss House Tientsin

22. Merchant shop

23. State Square, Victoria, Hong Kong

Which photo was your favorite?


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