I never thought the day would come when a mouth-watering cookie covered in icing would look so difficult to eat, but these cookies created by a Japanese woman, who owns her own custom cookie baking company, have proven me wrong. 

Chihiro Ogura is the owner of Antolpo, a cute little custom iced cookie baking business in Japan. Antolpo is not your run-of-the-mill cookie shop. What Chihiro does is bake her cookies and top them off with her artwork, which as you can see in the photos below, is absolutely incredible in its attention to detail. What's gotten her some much-deserved attention recently are her cookies inspired by the works of one of Japan's most revered master painters, a man by the name of Jakucho Ito, who produced beautiful paintings on rolling scrolls during the Edo Period, when Japan isolated itself from the rest of the world. Inspired by Chinese paintings he saw in Zen temples, Ito went on to create numerous works in the 1700s, many of which included, for whatever reason, detailed depictions of chickens and roosters.

As if to pay homage to this ancient Japanese painter, Chihiro Ogura the cookie artist created her own versions of a few of Ito's works with her special icing skills, and they look absolutely incredible. Her attention to detail when painting roosters on the cookie makes them more than just a treat. They actually look impossible to put in your mouth! But of course, that is not what Chihiro wants, as she bakes cookies for a reason — she wants you to taste and eat them! 

But of course, not all her cookies are dedications to ancient scroll artists. Antolpo is known in cookie circles for its cute and delicious standard decorated treats, as seen below. They're all cute and playful, and look delicious to boot. Chihiro Ogura is a true cookie artist, and if Jakucho Ito was alive today, I'm sure he'd devour a few, but only after appreciating the intricate and beautiful icing paintings on top of them.

For more of Antolpo's cookies, check out Chihiro's Instagram.

Original painting of Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas

Original painting of Nandina and Rooster

Whale cookies


Don't know about eating shoes . . . 


Ice cream cookies

Which ones do you want to try?


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