INFINITE completed the Nanjing, China stop of their INFINITE EFFECT tour on September 30th, delighting the stadium full of Chinese fans. The concert lasted almost three hours, and the talented members Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong performed close to 30 of their hit songs. It was a wonderful night! Here are the highlights! 

Unfortunately, Hoya had to sit out for most of the concert due to an ankle injury. He sang from the side of the stage for the dance numbers, but still joined in for the slower songs!

I had the great opportunity to attend this show in China. As a big INFINITE fan, I loved every moment of the experience. Here are 6 unforgettable highlights from the concert!

1. Excellent Dancing

These boys really know how to dance! Song after song, INFINITE nailed their complicated dance routines, making the steps look effortless and flawless.

2. Amazing Singing

I was really blow away by their powerful vocals, especially by the main vocalists Sungkyu and Woohyun. Hoya and Dongwoo also wowed with their awesome rapping!

Go Woohyun!

Check out this video of "Be Mine" to see an example of INFINITE's excellent dancing and singing at the concert!

3. Awesome Sub-Unit Performances

Halfway through the show, each of the different members of INFINITE got a chance to shine. First up was Dongwoo and Hoya of INFINITE H performing their hit song “Pretty.” Sungkyu and Woohyun each held their own individual solo stages and were later followed up by INFINITE F, which consists of L, Sungyeol, and Sungjoon. They all put on fantastic performances!

4. Fan Support

The stadium was filled with excited fans anxious to see INFINITE perform in person. Fan-made signs were distributed to all the attendees and the entire place turned into a sea of yellow lights! The fan chants were also particularly strong throughout the entire show.

5. Genuine Fun for All

All the INFINITE members looked like they were having a fantastic time from the beginning to the end! It was great to see their close friendships and love for their fans in person.

Dongwoo wins the "most energetic" award of the night. He was literally bouncing around the stage with a giant smile on his face!

And isn't L's smile amazing?

6. Wonderful Encore Performances

The ending songs went by with a flurry of confetti and bittersweet goodbyes. Each member walked across the stage, waving and posing for adorable photos. It was a fitting end to a great night! 

Overall it was a fantastic concert filled with great music and dance performances, all brought to us by the wonderful members of INFINITE. They really put on an unforgettable show!

I hope you enjoyed the review! Do you have a favorite picture from the event? Would you want to attend an INFINITE concert? Please share your thoughts below!

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