Japanese rice art -- or as it's also known, Tanbo art -- is a process in which people use different kinds of rice to make a gigantic stunning picture landscape in rice fields, when viewed from afar.

Every April, villagers get together and decide what image they want to create using four kinds of rice in seven different colors with the paddies as the canvas.

When it's harvest time they also make farm art as well.

More farm art with two massive portraits!

Hey, there's a huge frog in your field.

Many of the subjects are ancient commanders, lovers, and leaders.

In some of the fields, the drawings are as big as roughly 15,000 square meters.

This guy is having a lot of fun!

Some are popular Japanese anime characters!

This rice is ready for battle.

Hey, don't bother the animals.

This picture of Napoleon does not have a complex.

Aliens wish they could draw in crops this well.

The Disneyworld of rice!

Surf's up dude!

An epic drawing of Japanese folklore.

Cover of The Da Vinci Code. Just kidding! It's the Mona Lisa!

Japanese rice drawing of a guy who has not had his morning coffee.

Say hello to Doraemon!