Lee Min Ho rehearsed with Taiwanese singer-actress Amber Kuo on December 29 for China's Dragon TV New Year's Eve concert. What does Amber think about singing with Lee Min Ho, and what has Lee Min Ho said about Amber? What's the song they'll perform together? 

The last time the two stars met was for the Chinese New Year's Spring Festival Gala. They were there for separate programs, but they took a photo together. Lee Min Ho still remembers her, and he greeted her with "How have you been for the last year?" He said his first impression of Amber was that she's petite and cute like a little bird. But once he got to know her more, he saw how capable and professional she was.

Amber was very excited about the opportunity to sing with Lee Min Ho. The 28-year-old "cute little bird" Amber posted to her Weibo account saying, "Your Oppa is so cute. After I borrowed him for one song, I discovered the sound of his laughter is also very charming."

They will be singing a duet of popular Chinese song "Marry Me Today." Lee Min Ho will start the song singing in Korean and then sing together with Amber in Chinese. Lee said because they had to gaze into each other's eyes to sing the love song, he actually felt a "flutter in his heart."

No wonder Amber later posted a humble hello via her Weibo account to all the "Mrs. Lee" out there that she was honored to meet them. She said that she "feels like a granny standing next to the handsome Lee Min Ho." Either Amber is concerned about the possible jealousy from Lee's fans, or she's being very diplomatic.

Devoted Lee Min Ho fans should have no worries about Amber. She is happily in love with her co-star Tony Yang, whom she met on Love Forward, which you can watch blow:

Do you think Amber looks like a granny standing next to Lee Min Ho? 

~ NancyZdramaland

(photo: credit as tagged; Google)