F(x)'s Amber is beyond grateful for her fans. The beloved A Song For You host recently shared a screencap of her instagram account showing that she reached 3 million followers. Nine months after getting to the two million mark, the adored idol continues to accumulate more love online. "Thank you guys for 3m. Your support always keeps me going. Stay tuned & THANK YOU," she wrote as a caption to her photo.

Over the past week, the "4 Walls" singer has shared selfies, a photo with her girl group f(x), a picture with Royal Pirates hottie James, and so much more! Take a look at just a few updates that helped attract f(x)'s fan club, ME U, to her account.

"...#igotanewphone #narcissist"

"This is how the llama family chills. Oppa llama younger sister llama #throwback."

"Thank you guys for such an amazing weekend! Always love performing and goin crazy. Thank you to Jae @beatburgerjae for always believing in us and making this show possible. All the dancers, staff, & KLAV worked really hard day & night to make the experience as memorable as possible for not only us but for you guys. Thank you everyone! Next stop... JAPAN! #dimension4"

Congratulations, Amber! How long have you been following K-pop's lovable llama? 


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