The American adaptation of Boys Over Flowers (aka Hana Yori Dango) has a new title, and producers have responded to negative "fan" comments directed towards the "cast, crew and production staff."

At first known as Boys Before Flowers, the series will keep the BBF initials and is now called Between Boys and Friends Boys Before Friends, according to the official Facebook and Tumblr pages. The producers also responded to the "racist comments, venom, and negativity" that often followed the news of the adaptation. In a post titled "Letter to Fans" on the series' Tumblr, the producers wrote:

"Hello All,

At this time, the company has decided not to answer any more questions with the public about the series. We will be arranging interviews with media outlets to make sure that the correct information about the series is getting out to fans. The amount of racist comments, venom, and negativity aimed at our cast, crew and production staff has been harmful and hurtful for no reason and most of it has no basis that was grounded in fact. We understand that the fans are concerned about the series being made but we stand by our earlier comments that the series is being produced by fans and will be done correctly. There has been no trust given to us, no understanding of what we are trying to do or the task that we are trying to achieve. We hope that you understand our need to protect the people that are working day and night to make sure this series is created and created correctly. We thank you for your support."

We first heard of the series here, the American adaptation's cast can be found here and here. Producers gave answers to fan questions here.