Joseph Almani, playing the romantic lead in the proposed American adaptation of Boys Over Flowers, has a message for fans of the original series and various remakes. To prepare for his role (as Liam, based on the role known in Korea as Jun Pyo), he says he's watched all three series from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

“Fans are fans and they get attached to the characters they grow with throughout a series. I would be protective too! I think a lot of the comparisons are natural but each series has had its own perspective it has brought to the series. An American version of a show can’t be expected to translate exactly but after reading the scripts of ‘Boys Before Friends.’ I feel that it does a pretty good job of getting the message across. The story line is amazing and it is something that I can really be proud of. The previous shows have done great, we don’t want to mess with that. We’re going to do a great job, too,” he said.

Responding to fan reaction to the news of an American adaptation, Almani said “I support fans opinions no matter what they are. The fans with a positive supporting message are the ones I look at the most. There is only up and forward for me. There will always be negativity. To those who are hating on the show, I say, ‘Wait till you see it, you will be surprised!’”

Asked if he felt pressure filling a role based on one made famous in Korea by Lee Min Ho, he said “Not in the least! Those guys are already established accomplished and proven actors and they did a great job! They deserve all the credit for their work. I would hope that my work would stand on its own. Every actor brings choices and something new to the character."

Almani also had kind words for the production team. “I am thrilled to have this production company heading up this project. They are all diehard fans so what more could you ask for!! No one really understand the battles they are going through to bring this series to America. It has not been easy but they push through it every day,” he said.

"Personally I am a huge fan of the BBF world and I am honored to be a part of that,” he said.

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