A writer for the website, Refinery29, decided to try out the popular Korean trend of matching couples outfits.While this trend isn't specific to Korean culture, we do see a lot of cute matching outfits in some of our fave k-dramas! The writer and her boyfriend decided to try out matching outfits as a social experiment over a course of a week to see if matching or "lookalike" outfits really bring couples closer together. 

Unfortunately, the trend did not work for them but their experiment resulted in 7 pairs of cute matching outfits for each day of the week!








The couple found that coordinating outfits actually pulled them apart, rather than bringing them closer. I'm actually warm to the idea of having certain elements of outfits matching with my significant other, but I'm not sure if I could be brave enough to dress like twins. What do you think? Are you hot or cold about this trend?