Huge American producer SKI BEATZ will be releasing a new solo album that features a formidable assortment of Japanese urban artists. The album will serve as a Japanese flip-side to the American album release.  SKI BEATZ  is well-known in the US for his production for artists like Jay-Z, Curren$y, Lil’ Kim, Mos Def, and Foxy Brown. The album is titled “24 HOUR KARATE SCHOOL JAPAN“, and will feature many of the top urban artists in Japan: ANARCHY (R-rated), Ryuzo (R-Rated), ZEEBRA, Seeda, TWIGY, DABO, MACCHO (OZROSAURUS), TETRAD THE GANG OF FOUR, B.I.G.JOE,  and KGE the Shadowmen.

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