Great news for fans of Criminal Minds! The long-running CBS show will be the next American television series to receive a Korean drama remake, joining the ranks of shows such as the Good Wife and Entourage

For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, Criminal Minds is a police procedural crime drama that follows a special team of FBI profilers as they solve murder cases by observing behavioral patterns in the evidence. However, the show's main plot and appeal really lies with its focus on the main characters' personal lives and development as they are deeply impacted by their jobs. 

Despite having aired back in 2005, Criminal Minds has just been renewed for its twelfth season due to its loyal following of almost 13 million viewers. However, two major Korean entertainment companies, Next Entertainment World (NEW) and Taewon Entertainment, are hoping to increase that viewership by collaborating together in order to give fans a K-drama adaption of the show. Both companies have agreed that the remake will be a long-term project with the intention of introducing the American-style format of multiple seasons into the Korean entertainment industry.

Production for the remake has yet to begin, but the planning for it is already underway. Not only have the companies recently acquired the rights to the series through ABC Studios and Disney Media Productions, but they also intend to work closely with these corporations in order to ensure that the show's spirit is emulated correctly in the remake. 

This is definitely an exciting development for fans of both Criminal Minds and K-dramas! We hope that you will anticipate this drama as more information is released.

Do you like Criminal Minds? Are you excited for this remake? Is is a good idea to introduce multi-season television to Korean entertainment? Let us know in the comments below!


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