America's Next Top Model is currently in its 21st season. This cycle's destination for the contestants was Seoul, South Korea. The most recent episode of ANTM featured the top 7 contestants learning the dance moves to BTOB's "Beep Beep" and performing for a crowd. BTOB, the super popular K-pop boy group, taught the contestants the dance moves personally. 

Before explaining the moves Peniel, the American member of BTOB, explained to the contestants, "While we're performing we always have to focus on what we look like and we always have to be aware of our expressions. We always have to look good for our fans. And make sure you guys look good for your fans today too." After teaching the models all the dance moves, the BTOB members were also featured as judges to see who had done the best job in embodying K-pop style! The models can be seen below trying to learn the moves!

To catch up on this season of America's Next Top Model, you can check out The CW website HERE! The upcoming episodes will also take place in South Korea which will also raise awareness in the United States about Korean culture as well! Will you be watching?