This slightly provocative video is going viral in China. It opens very innocently with two girls in what appears to be their dorm room. They're sitting on a lower bunk bed, playing the guitar and singing a pretty song, but after a little while, we see suspicious movement in the upper bunk bend.

It seems the roommate who sleeps in the upper bed is awakened by the singing and just can't sleep anymore. She reaches out for her bra and begins to sit up. It's a sexy red bra and it takes her quite a while to put it on. She also appears to be nude from the waist up. As the viewers are watching this unexpected "show" in shock, the two singing girls are oblivious to what's happening above them and continue to sing.

Finally the song is over, they realize what's been happening, and the girl with the bra throws a pillow at the videocamera.

Some Chinese netizens are speculating this is playacting. What do you think?