by Running Man fan Andrew at DramaFever:
Prepare for zany quests, hilarious antics, and insane betrayals.  See your favorite stars battle it out and and show their true colors as they fight their way to the finish line.
Every week, Running Man tests the strength, endurance, and cunning of Korea's top entertainers through various missions and races.
For those of you who have never experienced the mayhem, here is a quick crash course to the world of Running Man.
The Rules:
1 - Protect your nameplate at all times.
2 - Trust no one.
Let's meet the challengers:

Yoo Jae Seok

Nicknames Yu-ruce Willis, Yu Hyuk, Yu-mes Bond, the Grasshopper
Background:  Known as Korea's Top MC, Yoo Jae Seok appears and hosts in many popular TV variety shows such as Infinite Challenge. Although Jae Seok is considered to be among the elite in the Korean entertainment industry, his constant smiles and laughter makes him easy to like and enjoy. Jae Seok is referred to as "The Grasshopper" from time to time due to his early comedic works in which he wore a grasshopper costume.
Running Man: Although not one of the most physically gifted, Jae Seok is extremely adaptive and cunning. His masterful use of the "confused stare" and the "look of bewilderment" has tricked countless cast members into letting their guards down. Due to his unparalleled skill in duplicity, Jae Seok is one of the strongest competitors on Running Man earning him the title "Yu-mes Bond."
Nicknames: Peaceful Gary, Gae-colas Cage
Background:  A member of the hip-hop duo Leessang, Gary's popularity shot up thanks to the success of Running Man.
Running Man:  Unfocused and easily fooled, Garie rarely makes it to the end of any episode without being caught or disqualified.
However, when paired with partners who can keep him focused, Gary can beat almost anyone.
Nicknames: Ha-roro, Ha-rad Pitt, Penguin
Background:  Ha Dong Hoon, better known as Haha, originally started his career as a rapper in the boy band Zikiri. Due to Zikiri's lack of popularity, the group was quickly disbanded and Haha went on to become an actor and comedian.
Running Man:  Not a top competitor, but certainly one of the funniest. Constantly shouting and laughing, Haha is easily a fan favorite. Haha is referred to as "Ho-roro" due to his likeness to the cartoon penguin Pororo.
Ji Suk Jin
Nicknames: Big Nose Older Brother, Sunflower, Impala
Background: Ji Suk Jin is singer and broadcaster who gained popularity as the MC for Star Golden Bell. He's also one of Yoo Jae Seok's best friends.
Running Man: Inferior in almost every category, Ji Suk Jin is almost always one of the first ones disqualified.
Kim Jong Kook
Nicknames: Sparta-kook, Commander, Kookie, Tiger
Background: Kim Jong Kook is a Korean musician who began his career with the pop group Turbo. He later became a solo artist. He began his variety show career with Family Outing on SBS's Good Sunday.
Running Man: Referred to as "Sparta-kook" throughout the show, Jong Kook is the physically strongest of the group and among the best in terms of cunning. Considered to be Jae Seok's rival on the show, Jong Kook is feared by all other competitors.  In fact, watch for scenes where Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Su go head-to-head for huge laughs. Watch for scenes where they team up for even bigger laughs.
Lee Kwang Su
Nicknames: Framer Kwang-su, Kwang-vatar, Kwang-potter, Giraffe
Background: Lee Kwang Su is an actor and comedian who broke out due to his antics in Running Man.  Kwang Su has a habit of creating false rumors about his cast members earning the nickname "Framer Kwang-su". Kwang Su has also been referred to as "Kwang-vatar" due to his likeness to the Na'vi species in the movie Avatar.
Running Man: Known as the "Giraffe" due to his tall, lanky physique, Lee Kwang Su is frequently the target of many jokes. Beyond being physically inferior, Kwang Su is shown to be easily fooled and easily manipulated. However, Kwang Su is sometimes able to use his reputation to his advantage.
Song Ji Hyo
Nicknames: Song Ji-yok, Mong Ji-hyo, Ace
Background: Song Ji Hyo is a famous Korean actress, well-known for her role in the drama "Jumong."
Running Man: One of the smartest and devious competitors on Running Man. Ji Hyo is best known for using other cast members to her advantage and pouncing on opportunities.
Though she may be the only regular female member, her nickname "Ace" is well deserved.
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