Painter Of The WindWith an all-star cast, beautifully-filmed, and award-winning, Painter Of The Wind was one of the highlights of 2008. Korea's sweetheart Moon Geun Young stars as a gifted, cross-dressing painter trying to unravel the mystery of her father's death. Park Shin Yang (Lovers in Paris) is her charismatic and brilliant mentor, while Moon Chae Won and Bae Soo Bin, who both leaped to fame the following year in Brilliant Legacy, co-star. Assured, delicate, and lovely, this period romance/mystery pulled in successful ratings and is not one to miss. In 1776, a prominent court painter is killed after being secretly commissioned by the crown prince to paint a portrait. His friend and fellow painter Seo Jing begins investigating his death, but he and his wife also end up dead. His daughter goes missing... 10 years later, a young student named Shin Yun-bok enters the Academy of Painting, the Dohwaseo, which Seo Jing had been a member of. Kim Hong-do, a brilliant painter and senior member of Dohwaseo, discovers a fiery talent in the young painter, and takes Yun-bok under his wing. The king also becomes aware of Yun-bok's talent and requests that Kim Hong-do and Yun-bok together serve him together by painting the realities of the common people. The two painters are quickly caught up in court intrigues, however, and thrown out of Dohwaseo in a power move against the king by court officials. The king then orders the two to find the portrait he had secretly commissioned ten years before, a portrait of his father. Untangling history and dangerous secrets, the two unearth the painting while discovering the truth behind Seo Jing's death. Meanwhile, master painter Kim Hong-do has come to have intense feelings for his pupil, but doesn't realize that Yun-bok is actually a woman, Seo Jing's daughter... Click to watch Painter Of The Wind online at DramaFever.