In business since 1832, Itohkyuemon is one of Japan's oldest and premier green tea makers. Based out of the Uji region in Kyoto, which is known for the quality of its tea leaves, the historic tea company proudly produces the world's best green tea. And now, just in time for spring, Itohkyuemon has released a number of matcha alcoholic beverages that sound and look just absolutely divine. (I'm sure they taste pretty good, too.)

There's nothing like a high-quality green tea, one made from leaves produced by a world-renowned tea shop that's been in existence for 184 years. Itohkyuemon is known for exactly that, selling the world's best green tea, or matcha, to the people of Japan. And when Japanese people want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, their desire to drink green tea doesn't just go away. One of Japan's most popular drinks that you can order in any izakaya and most bars is shochu mixed with green tea, called shochu no ryokucha wari. The green tea, when added to shochu, gives the liquor a refreshing taste, along with a sense of drinking something that's healthy, all the while giving you a little buzz. And what would be better than that?

But when the green tea in your alcoholic beverage comes from Itohkyuemon, that's a completely different story. The Kyoto-based company recently released four different kinds of matcha-based drinks for adults: matcha white wine, matcha chocolate liqueur, matcha plum wine, and matcha sake. The prices for these high-end tea-based beverages are quite reasonable. For example, the matcha white wine only costs about 17 US dollars for a 17-ounce bottle. Not bad considering you're getting the world's best green tea in your glass of white. 

It seems like now is an awesome time to be a tea-loving alcohol-lover in Japan. For the rest of us, all we can do is imagine.

Matcha white wine

Sangria, anyone?

Matcha chocolate liqueur


And of course, the sake