If you are currently obsessed with Queen of Mystery starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwon Sang Woo, then chances are you probably participated in the #QueenOfMysteryContest to win this adorable tote! After scouring through some AH-MAZING entries, we finally narrowed down to two winners. Drum roll please.....And the winning entries are....

WINNER #1: Alexandria Eckhoff!

Winning entry: "I am really loving Queen of Mystery and wouldn't mind the cute tote bag to carry my Nancy Drew books around. It also wouldn't hurt to throw in a Sherlock Holmes novel as well. I choose my mystery books because I do enjoy reading a good mystery and Nancy Drew books are an easy and fast read. I can just pop one into my Queen of Mystery tote bag and go on sleuthing my day away. Of course I couldn't forget a magnifying glass and flashlight! =P I hope Nancy can help my win this one!"

WINNER #2: Tina Shon Burrowes

Winning entry: "I'm an animal lover and my pomeranians are my children, since I don't have any. One thing that I find myself doing with them (even though my sister always sees and says I have issues) is placing them in different containers. I think it's cute seeing their different reactions to being in a certain place. That's why if I win the tote, I will see if I can carry one of my dogs around in it.