A new cafe opened in Tokyo, and it's like no other. Called the "Owl Cafe," you can sit and enjoy your coffee with about 15 owls who are just chilling.

Spotting an owl anywhere is a pretty rare occurrence, but in Japan, in the Hiratsuka district of Tokyo, you can be surrounded by owls as you enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee. The owner, 62 year old Yano Masao, loves owls so much that he decided to open a cafe so he and others could enjoy their company in a relaxed setting. For 1080 yen, or about 10 dollars, customers can get one drink and stay for an hour, free to pet and interact with the mysterious creatures. The time limit kind of sucks, but it's to prevent people from just coming to his cafe and staying all day, possibly preventing others from being able to experience being around the owls.

There are a total of 15 owls, and most are only one to two months old, having been raised by Mr. Yano himself. 22 year old Kaoru Oba, who works for Mr. Yano at the cafe, is an owl fanatic herself. "These owls are so sweet and friendly. They're so soft, it's like dream for me to work here."

The Owl Cafe... another out-there thing to do in Japan.

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