They say that you experience many deaths in your life. Kai from EXO plays Shi Kyung who just can’t seem to catch a break. From bullies at school to a single mom running from loan sharks, things just aren’t going his way. All these misfortunes lead to him being buried alive. Join Annie, Tori and me, Wendilynn, as we give our impressions of this first episode of Andante.

C. C. Farmer: Buried alive. LOL.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think this was a solid first episode. Great set-up for the overall story. I like all of the characters so far. I also liked seeing our two high schoolers looking so...normal. From Shi Kyung spending all of his time on gaming to Shi Young being pretty involved in cosplay, it’s nice to see these two look like your average teens.

Wendilynn: Well, normal for us. Abnormal, I’m thinking for their neighborhood. I watched this with my 12yr old and he kept getting all upset at all the bullying. That rich little prick was a real piece of work.

C.C. Farmer: When his fingers were flying over the keys in the first clip of our show I was thinking that we were going to get a Korean version of Love 020, or maybe because the name Andante is a musical term, I was expecting something along the lines of Lovely Love Lie, but when one of the main characters is pretending to be a corpse in the crook of a tree, I don’t think this show is going to be very easily stereotyped.

Ae1  corpse.jpg

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think the name of the drama is going to end up being more of a metaphor than anything to do with actual music. Death appears to be a heavy focus of the story, and it would make sense to name the drama andante in that context. Andante means moderately slow, and if they are going to be talking about life and death, the concept of taking life at a slower speed would make sense.

C.C. Farmer: I still am holding out for a computer geek musical. Oh and Kai in real clothes. The baggy sweatpants and sandals to make him look wimpier than the bullies didn’t work. Those shoulders can’t be hidden.

Wendilynn: I’m laughing at a geek musical. I think Shi Kyung would rather die first. Lol, He’s a very strong person, so to see them wimp out Kai was a bit of a trip. He pulled it off well. Kai is very convincing as a wimpy computer geek who lost his dad.


OhSoEnthusiastic: Speaking of Kai, what are our opinions of his acting? I ... don’t like his acting. I can totally overlook it because I think there’s a solid story here. And all of the characters are pretty fascinating. But Kai won’t be winning any best actor awards from me. He’s still a little too green.

C.C. Farmer: Once I realized that it was Kai from Exo not Key from SHINee I was disappointed, but this part is not calling for a stellar actor but more of a great team member. And being an EXO member I know he can bring it.

Wendilynn: I’m going to have to disagree with you guys. Is he a newer actor? Yup, but he’s selling the character to me. And that is with me having just watched Exo’s Power video where Kai is being all badass and killing robots fearlessly. I bought the troubled kid who is obsessed with video games and is trying foolishly to pull the wool over his mom’s eyes. I bought the kid who is trying not to attract trouble from the rich bully who then tracks him down and chases him into hiding in a coffin. I bought the panic of being locked into a coffin. Although, the look of shock on his face as he saw Kim Bom hanging from the tree still makes me laugh.

Ae1  coffin.jpg

OhSoEnthusiastic: Oh, I think he’s a good fit for the character. He looks the part, and despite his greenness, he still acts very much like a teen. And his greenness works in the characters favor. It was a good role choice for his first major drama. I think his acting will, what word am I looking for, grow on me? I’ll become more comfortable with it is what I’m saying, lol.

C.C. Farmer: The look on his face in the last clip makes me want to watch the next episode right now. What is he going to do, now that he has found her?

Ae1  different.jpg

Wendilynn: I’m a sucker for narration, so if they keep this up, I’m going to be a goner before too much longer. I loved listening to him talk about how much the girls look alike. I wish they would be more individual, myself. So to see her being her own person, not afraid to be unique even in the same uniform everyone is wearing, was awesome.

OhSoEnthusiastic: The writers did a superb job of narration and set up in this episode. I have a very clear idea of just who everyone is here and just what kind of town Shi Kyung and his family have stumbled into. This town is...interesting, lol. I think we’re in for some fun shenanigans.

Everyone knows Shi Kyung has a serious problem but without him talking about it, they can't help.  Will he get a reality check and maybe even a backbone now that he's living in a small town with his Grandmother? 

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