We are again following our unwilling hero as he faces more interesting life events, from his mother’s new job, seeing cataleptic rigidity, to meeting a sexy Kim Bom. Join Wendilynn, OhSoEnthusiastic, and I, C.C. Farmer, with the newest Andante developments.



Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Lee Ye Hyun

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C.C. Farmer: I want to try Bike Sleep. Anyone else?

Wendilynn: Not if I’m going to get all scraped up in the process. With all the course correction he was doing, you can tell they weren’t letting him actually bike quickly. Of course, he’d fall over. Lol.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I haven’t ridden a bike since Elementary school, so I don’t know that I trust myself on a solo bike ride, let alone with someone else at the helm, lol.

C.C. Farmer: If I had to choose between a falling bike ride with a kind, caring, give the police the video of people nailing Lee Shi Kyung in a coffin, second lead or helping clean dead people’s bodies….well I choose option one. That toe had me howling!

Andante screen shots.JPG

Wendilynn: That morgue scene was hilarious. I have to give it to Kai, he keeps me laughing in all of this. His reactions are awesome. Like when the kids set him up to take on the bully and he just dropped to his knees to just get it over with. It’s like “Yeah, yeah. You’re tough. We done now?” Lol.

Andante ep 3 knees.JPG

OhSoEnthusiastic: I really like how they are building up his character. He’s equal parts coward and just trying to stay alive. (Hehehe, staying alive.) He doesn’t want to get involved in other people’s problems, but at the same time, he clearly has a good heart he’s just afraid of listening to.

I do have to be honest right now and admit that I don’t spend each week waiting for a new episode of this drama. For some reason, it’s not making me want to come back. But at the same time, every time I do sit down and watch the new episode, I’m always a little amazed at how genuinely heartfelt and well-written it is, and I don’t understand why I have so much trouble coming back to watch. Is there something wrong with me, lol?

C.C.Farmer: Yes. Go get on the  Dr. Ship and get checked out because...well...this show doesn’t have all the bangs and whistles, and I can agree that it was hard to focus at first, but now things are getting hot. Kim Bum teasing our bumbling Kai as he races out of the PC room and then driving him home. I usually don’t go for beta male romances, but I am digging this relationship.

andante episode 3 bum.JPG

Wendilynn: I get what you are saying. This drama isn’t super cute, happy, adorableness. They are finding humor and teaching Shi Kyung courage by being near dying people. It's a little dark. But I think that’s part of its charm. And the show is really willing to give us those meta moments. Anyone else laugh when they were asking Shi Kyung if he could dance? Kai is only one of the best dancers in Kpop and to have him playing a character that “can just follow others” is really funny.

OhSoEnthusiastic: It’s not that. I actually quite like the dark humor. There’s honestly very little about the drama I dislike. I’m just not eager to come back each week. Regardless of my level of excitement for the drama, I’m really impressed with the writing and characterizations. I think I’ll probably get to the end and be glad I watched it. But I digress.

I knew they would bring in Kai’s dancing at some point, but I didn’t expect them to do it in this way, which honestly makes it better. It’s like an inside joke with the audience. Oh, he’s alright at dancing. He can ‘follow the others,’ lol. I wonder what his actual dancing will look like.

C.C.Farmer: sigh I don’t follow Kpop dancing. I’m a CNBLUE girl, and they can’t dance. I will be looking forward to this performance. //pours a glass of sparkly cider// My computer geek musical has come!

Wendilynn: Lol. Oh, CC. We must educate you, girl. (runs to youtube) Yes, it does look like you’ll get your computer geek musical for at least one episode. Lol. You mentioned our second male lead turning in the CCTV footage of those boys nailing Shi Kyung into the coffin. I love that he turned that in. His character is quickly becoming my favorite.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I just love how much integrity some of these kids have. And how much that integrity is slowly beginning to rub off on Shi Kyung and Shi Young. And speaking of Shi Young, I am really looking forward to the foreshadowed blow up between her and grandma. I’m not sure what grandma’s angle is right now. She’s shown how nasty she can be, but she’s also shown how kind she can be and also how sad she appears to be over whatever it is that happened to her son. So I’m ready to understand what’s going on there and also see her learn a few lessons. Because she’s not the nicest grandma on the planet.

C.C. Farmer: //nose glued to screen// Is that move even legal? ...oh wait...Um, yes, grandma. Grandma should not watch Kai dance. I mean...Grandma is a firecracker, and I too want to see what is going on.

Wendilynn: I hope what you say is true and she’s being awful and uncaring to Shi Young for a specific reason. Because right now, she’s behaving like you would expect some old-fashioned grandmothers to do in some of these kdramas where they spoil the son and abuse the daughter. She is so kind when she’s working with those in the hospital. I hope you are right that she isn’t awful to her family on general principle.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think (I hope) she was just so devoted to her son that this is part of her grieving him/she probably never would have found anyone to be good enough for him anyway. We’ve already learned that her son was kind to a fault, and I imagine she watched him be taken advantage of a lot. That’s really difficult for a parent to see happen to their child. I had that problem a lot growing up, and my parents could be really fierce towards others because of it. So I really do think it’s a possibility.

C.C. Farmer: Maybe Grandma sees that Shi Young is like herself, and she doesn’t want her to make the same choices.

Wendilynn: I hope, for Shi Young’s sake, that’s true. I really feel like she’s getting shafted right now. Frankly, there isn’t any reason for her to stay. At least Kai is starting to see things from a different perspective. The change in him when he saw the hardship his mother was going through or how his school friend could easily wind up like that other kid who committed suicide from the constant bullying. All of these things are giving Shi Kyung a new way of finding his own bravery. So far, I don’t see Shi Young getting anything but neglected by her family.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Shi Young’s very tough though. I don’t see this defeating her. She’s already been pretty vocal about unfair it is, and from what we saw in the preview of the next episode, she’s gonna get a lot more vocal real soon. I don’t think grandma is trying to stop her from becoming like her though. I think she’s treating Shi Young as a mini-me of her mom, and grandma doesn’t like the mom, so she’s taking it out on both of them. Which is wholly unfair, but it does make me wonder what mom was like when she was younger and dating her kid’s future father. I think we might find out that mom was a little bit selfish at one point and grandma is still salty about it.

C.C. Farmer: I had been thinking that Mom and Dad had an unplanned pregnancy and ran off, but the scene at the Hospice center where Shi Kyung sees Mom call her mom and tell her that she is doing fine and is teaching art makes me think that the Mom treasures her family members and doesn’t want to burden them. And that there is a feeling that Grandma owes her, and that is why she was able to swallow her pride and bring her children to her. I am speculating.

Wendilynn: I guess we need to wait for episode 4.

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