Shi Kyung and his family are making friends and touching lives. In the process, the facade they’ve all hid behind starts to fall away. Grandma starts to thaw and let her family in. Shi Kyung finds a girlfriend and learns to not care about fake things. Shi Young finds a little truce and a whole lot of swag in her grandmother. And maybe, just maybe, the town finds out that they need them just as much as they need each other. So join C.C. Farmer, OhSoEnthusiastic and me, Wendilynn, as we talk about these episodes of Andante.



Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Lee Ye Hyun

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Wendilynn: I'm just going to say that I'm really falling in love with this show. I really love this family now that they are actually caring about each other. And watching Shi Kyung get all giddy at Bom returning his interest and asking him out was so freaking adorable. Lol.

C.C. Farmer: Marathon. Marathon. This will be a show to marathon! Imagine you and the teen home with colds, nothing to do but eat Ramen and watch this show. This has been an interesting watch with my preteen.


OhSoEnthusiastic: I said initially that I wasn’t feeling compelled to come back every week to watch this drama, but I felt like this was still a good drama that would slowly grow on me, and I was right. I don’t necessarily spend my week waiting for the next episode, but I’m always glad to sit down and watch it. I really love how down-to-earth and relatable this story is. I feel like these are real people with real lives and real struggles, and I think I wasn’t really expecting that going in.

Wendilynn: There is a realness to these characters and the situations they find themselves in while being involved in a hospice center. From the fake ring to the talent show, to the gangster too embarrassed to face his own mother, the humanity and feelings of these situations melt your heart. I love how all of this is affecting Shi Kyung. I know that we are basically watching the story of how he matures, but there is so much more there. And frankly, I think Kai is doing a great job of pulling me in.

C.C. Farmer: I was happy to have the computer geek dance moment but it was nothing compared to Grandma and Shi Young singing/rapping about poo. Ok, fine, it was a generational song that mentioned poo at one point. They were awesome and had a great moment. Shi Young could have torn her grandmother apart when she found out her flaw but the two made choices to try to understand each other.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get any real response from grandma to Shi Young’s very valid anger and frustration, but I’m otherwise extremely happy with how they managed to patch things up between them.

I definitely have come around to Kai’s acting, Wendilynn. Now that we’ve had some time with him and his character, I’m really appreciating how he’s portraying a young, teenage boy trying to avoid bullies and figure out who he is. He’s doing a really good job. And I adore both of our little teen couples. Bom and Shi Kyung have such a normal, realistic, innocent relationship. I wish more TV shows and movies showed young people what healthy relationships among people should look like instead of all these ridiculous, oversexed teen shows we get here in the states.

Wendilynn: One of the reasons I switched to watching kdramas is that the relationships, and how to deal with them, was so much more straightforward and healthier than ‘I like you, let’s jump in bed together’ like we get on our side of the ocean. I really love Grandma and Shi Young together now. Grandma admitted first, although not to her family, that she was being unreasonable and not treating them right. And Shi Young had a few valid points that Grandma clearly paid attention to. I can totally understand her now that she explained how hurt she was when Grandma turned them away when she was 5 or so. They had just lost their Dad and as a small child, she would not have seen that Grandma was suffering from the loss of her own child. She would have only seen that she was rejected and abandoned. Really put Shi Young in perspective for me.

C.C. Farmer: Bom can’t dance. It was nice to have the beautiful, mysterious Bom have a flaw that we all can relate too. We love K-pop, but most of us can not bust those Vixx moves.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Bom being terrible at dancing is exactly what I wanted in that moment, lol.

I do wonder if there is something from the whole Shi Young/Grandma plot that we’re missing in translation because I feel like it all makes sense, but I’m still missing something. Oh well. I’m too happy with this drama to really complain.

The thing I’m really concerned about right now is Bom and this random sugar daddy (for lack of a better word). This is going to cause some serious problems in the future, and I’m worried about whether Shi Kyung will be able to handle it or not. Bom is clearly the more mature one in their relationship, and I’m not sure how he’s going to behave when he finds out. And to be fair, if I were him, I would be really upset about it. But Bom is going to need someone who can look past her decision and see what’s going on behind it and have grace for that. She’s gonna need someone to tell her that she’s worth more than being someone’s fake girlfriend.

Wendilynn: I have a hard time believing Bom would be a bimbo, so I want to believe something else is going on. However, we also know that her mother has made her feel worthless and unwanted, and so she could go in any direction. I think Shi Kyung and his family will set her right though. They’ll give her all the love she needs, I’m thinking. Especially if Grandma remembers that her dad died and she fed Bom soup.

C.C. Farmer: Wait! What? I thought he was a cousin or a study partner. Guess I was too focused on the wheels. Making assumptions because //grrrrrrr// I have to wait for a week to get the next episodes! Drama watching is not for the impatient but the wait is worth it.


OhSoEnthusiastic: Hahahahahaha!!!! It’s like all three of us were watching entirely different dramas, lol. She was definitely dating him for the money to buy the replacement ring, hence why she doesn’t actually look like she’s interested in dating him and why she tells him over the phone later that she’s not going to date him anymore. She felt responsible for Shi Kyung losing the ring and like she had to fix the situation. It’s an unfortunate side effect of having a terrible mother who hasn’t instilled you with any confidence in yourself or your self-worth. She feels so responsible for a simple mistake that she would go and form a fake relationship with someone for money to fix said mistake. And she values herself so little that she probably feels like she deserves to be used. It’s very sad, and I hope Shi Kyung (and his family) will be able to step up and give her the love and attention she clearly needs.

Wendilynn: I clearly missed a scene or two. I like that Shi Kyung tries to be real with her. He tells her almost everything. He wanted to give her a great response to her question of asking him out and he learned to just say yes. That he didn’t have to be some cool guy, he could just be himself. And it’s given him a maturity in dealing with her that I like. When he explained why she was the last to know about his birthday party, I laughed so much. He just fell to his knees, apologized, and then sincerely put his foot in his mouth. Lol. It was adorable.

C.C. Farmer: Sincerely is such a wonderful word. When he dropped I thought ‘here we go again’ but it wasn’t like when he was dealing with the school tough guy. You said it right. He was sincere. I know I am jumping but I think in episode 5 when Shi Kyung lit into the rude customer who got his sister in trouble at her job and Bom leaves because she is jealous of his affection and he just straight out asks her what is wrong and if she doesn’t tell him he is not going to know, I can’t help but think that the women in his family trained him well.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Can we talk about how awesome it is watching these two siblings bicker and bicker and bicker and slowly come to an understanding of each other that alters the way they treat each other? I love watching them fight, and I love watching them bond. It feels like Shi Kyung is finally starting to step up and actually be a big brother.

Wendilynn: It helps that they have good friends around them not filling their heads with crap. I was surprised when he rushed to Shi Young’s defense, though. He’s had no trouble telling Ga Ram that she’s a pain and he’s welcome to her. Lol. But when that greedy woman was being just downright rude for no good reason, she needed someone to stand up to her. I’m glad Grandma got into it later also. When Shi Kyung finally told that greedy woman about the ring and how shallow the both of them were for thinking about a ring over a person’s feelings, you just got a sense of how much warmth truly lies within Shi Kyung. He really does care about his family and about others.


C.C. Farmer: Bernard, oh Bernard. The running drama joke that slays me every time. Even the minor characters use it. LOL. We can thank Shi Young.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I was surprised too, but I think it just shows that they actually value each other more than they let on, and some of the bickering is probably them not wanting to admit it.

Wendilynn: Oh, the fights I had with my own siblings. I can’t wait to see what they fight about next. hehe

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