How did the main stars of the  next big hit teen sitcom get along?

Actors Kai and Kim Jin Kyung recently joined the rest of Andante's cast and crew at the show's press conference. During the event, the pair talked about their first impressions of each other and their friendship bond during filming. Kim Jin Kyung was initially intimidated by Kai's status as a chart-topping singer, but his warm and down-to-earth personality eventually became a source of comfort for her.

"His image as EXO’s Kai was big, but I saw more human aspects of him [later on]. When I was nervous, Kai would make jokes and help me to not be so tense. When I wasn’t doing something well, he gave me encouragement and made me feel better. I was very thankful," the 20-year-old model explained.

EXO's Kai admitted to being nervous around his lovely co-star in the early days of filming, however, the cold weather actually helped them bond.“We were a really good match. We were both really nervous [in the beginning]. It was difficult because the weather was cold during filming, but it made us closer. The atmosphere during filming was really good, so we were able to film in a good mood," the 23-year-old pop star said.

I'm excited to see these two play a couple on-screen for the very first time. Hopefully, Kim Jin Kyung will be given the opportunity to star in one of EXO's music videos in the future too. 

KBS2's Andante, which is about a teenage city boy who lands in a mysterious rural school, is scheduled to premiere this Sunday, September 24.

All the best to the cast and crew!



Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Lee Ye Hyun

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