Andy Lee of Shinhwa, one of the most popular boy band groups in the 90’s, is being criticized by South Korean media and netizens for his inconsiderateness towards Niel, a member of the boy group Teen Top founded under Andy Lee, as well as the girl who has a crush on Niel.

Andy Lee appeared on Radio Star and, without a second of hesitation, he told the show hosts (and of course, everyone who watched the show) that Miss “S” of JYP has a crush on Niel. It’s been thought that neither Miss S nor Niel publicly announced such a fact: rather, Niel had privately told Andy Lee.

It’s been said that it’s unlikely Andy Lee got the permission from Miss S (whoever this is) before making his remarks. And this is why many blame Andy Lee for inconsiderately revealing Miss S’s secret to the world to “noise market” for Teen Top. Interestingly, the fact that Niel and Miss S's names are being mentioned in this article becomes part of the noise marketing that Andy Lee perhaps hoped for.

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