KaikoAngelaBabyMensUnoCover Angelababy and Kai Ko recently graced the covers of Men's Uno in China! They have a romantic film debuting next month, and they couldn't look cuter together. Kai Ko has commented that he has been a fan of Angelababy since he was in high school, and is thrilled to be able to work with her. KaiKoAngelababy   Hong Kong-based model and actress Angelababy has been in the spotlight recently. For the past two years she has been moving onto the big screen. Her latest work with Kai Ko (Ko Chen Tung) is titled “Together,” and it debuts next month in theaters. Born in Shanghai, China, the one-quarter-German actress started as a back-up dancer for singer Jay Chou.   Kai Ko is a Taiwanese actor who starred in the film “You Are the Apple of My Eye” and was awarded the Best New Actor during the 48th Golden Horse Awards. Check out how cute they are together: AngelababyandKaiKo AngelababyMensUnoFeb2013 AngelababyMensUnoSpread KaiKoMensUnoSpread KaiKoMensUno KaikoandAngelababy Netizens commented that the two look great together and are excited to see the film. What do you think? (sources: www.nownews.com, www.ettoday.net)