Beautiful Chinese actress Angelababy just had a fancy wedding, but apparently the first trip she took was to the doctor. A plastic surgeon examined her face and issued a report on whether Angelababy has ever had plastic surgery. Why was this examination necessary?

On October 15, Angelababy visited the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, where renowned Chinese plastic surgeon Qi Zuoliang examined her face and pronounced that she is all natural. The procedure was conducted in front of her lawyer, two court notaries, and reporters.

The beautiful actress has endured rumors for years about her facial features. The reason why she finally decided to go under a medical examination has to do with a court case. Back in 2012, plastic surgery clinic Ruili published an article titled "Angelababy's plastic surgery fails, netizens say her chin is extremely unnatural." While Angelababy sued Ruili for defamation and damages, the Internet was flooded with netizens comparing photos and discussing this topic. 

Although a Beijing court ruled in her favor in May, the clinic appealed, and a judge recently suggested that Angelababy get a medical certification to settle the dispute once and for all.

So what is the final medical verdict?

Angelababy wore no makeup during the visit where she had an x-ray and other examinations. Doctor Qi personally examined Angelababy and pronounced that her entire face has never been under the knife. Additionally, her multi-layered eyelids were not the same as those who have had double-eyelid surgeries. 

Angelababy has previously said her features were influenced by having one-quarter German lineage and that the braces to straighten her teeth altered the shape of her face. The doctor agreed and said braces are not plastic surgeries.

Perhaps the best expert who has commented on Angelababy's face is handsome actor Huang Xiaoming, who dated her for six years before marrying her this year. "She's been ugly in front of me. To be honest, everyone always says she had plastic surgery and that's because they haven't seen what she usually looks like. I'm not a fool. I know for sure she didn't have plastic surgery," said Huang last year. He has also said that he loves Angelababy, both her beautiful and ugly sides. He emphasized that her most attractive feature is her cute personality.

Although plastic surgery procedures have been accepted more and more in China, speculation about an actress's beauty being man-made could still damage her reputation. Will Angelababy's visit to the doctor finally settle the rampant speculation? There are already self-appointed critics who are wondering whether the medical examination is staged.

What do you think? Do you care if a beautiful actress or handsome actor has been through plastic surgery?

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