Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming recently revealed wife Angelababy's last pregnancy photos before their precious baby was born. Will naysayers finally believe the beautiful actress was pregnant when she was filming General and I?

The star couple have nicknamed their baby son, Little Sponge, who was born in January this year. Recently, on April 25, the baby's 100-day anniversary, Huang Xiaoming posted these photos that showed Angelababy with her baby bump.

The photos showed the couple looking very happy and loving together, with Huang Xiaoming gently holding Angebaby's baby bump. It was reported that soon after these photos were taken, Angelababy gave birth to their bundle of joy.

Angelababy was actually pregnant when she filmed the popular historical series, General and I. She was praised for looking slender on screen, but it did help that she was wearing historical costumes. She has also slimmed down at an amazing speed, as seen in this photo she posted on April 20:

Ever since Huang Xiaoming married Angelababy, he has been praised as a loving husband. Fatherhood has turned the hot Chinese leading man into a doting father who enjoys changing the baby diapers. 

Along with the photos he posted to Weibo, Huang Xiaoming wrote: "Nothing else, I just think it really isn't easy to be a mom! Every mother in the world is the greatest, I love mothers.~"

One doesn't have to give birth to appreciate the difficult work and responsibility involved in motherhood.

On the eve of the Mother's Day weekend, we would like to give our thanks, love, and support to all mothers and those who take on the mother's role in a child's life. 

Happy Mother's Day!


General and I - 孤芳不自赏

Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung

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