If we're being honest, we have all thought, at least for a minute, about how we wish we could get back everything we gave to our ex right after a breakup. For example, if I got back everything I gave my ex-girlfriends, I would have more money, stuffed animals, and women's clothing. But typically, none of us actually act on that impulse. However, this is not the case for a 48-year-old man who wanted back every penny he spent on his ex.

Munakata Keisuke, a life insurance employee residing in Japan, was recently arrested by a division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police for sending angry and intimidating letters to a woman who he went on 10 dates with. The couple met at a party and proceeded to go on several dates at restaurants and around town. Last December, the woman contacted Munakata Keisuke to tell him that she no longer wanted to see him, and he immediately got angry on the phone, saying, "Well give me back the 180,000 yen (around $1,759) I paid out for dates.” The police warned the man and told him to stop threatening the woman, but he only continued, causing him to get arrested.

Do you think the man has a right to get his money back, or is he just acting completely irrational?