Annie Chen’s great mission of keeping her love! George Hu breaks up with her cruelly in Love Around. In order to keep him, she plays her “trump card, ” that is, kissing him compellingly and slapping on his face. She says, “I played this scene with idea that ‘the worm will turn.’ He is breaking up with me, so I have to play my trump card to keep him!” In reality, she experienced once about trying to keep her boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and decided to break up with her, but she still apologized to him as if it was all her fault.

In the Love Around fan meeting, there are more than five hundred fans showing up to support the love between George and Annie who have been through all the obstacles. Speaking of the trump card for keeping lovers, George Hu says he once witnessed his ex-girlfriend flirting with other people. His ex-girlfriend even kneeled down to apologize to him. About her kneeling down, George jokes, “She probably just lost strength of her legs, or she was accidentally tripped.”