Hi, drama and movie fans! Many of you have been asking about the winners of our Power of Three contest! Well, today we are happy to announce our three winners!

For 3 weeks, DramaFever premiered 2 movies per week into a collection. Each movie had a trivia question you could choose to answer. If you chose at least 3 movies to watch and answered their trivia questions correctly, you were entered into the pot to win a trip to Korea. You could double your chances by watching all 6 movies in the collection and answering all questions.

The contested started at the end of September and ended on October 17. It was open to all U.S. DramaFever Premium members only. 

We had thousands of people play and over 10,000 correct answers submitted.

However, only three people could be chosen as winners, and they are the following people:

Fiona  Yan from Riverside, California

Grace Johnson from Torrance, California

Esha C from Wichita, Kansas

Join us in congratulating our three winners!

Here is a message from one of our winners, Grace, on how she won.

"For the three movies, I watched Twenty for the acting ensemble. Who wouldn't watch Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and Lee Joon Ho and their antics before becoming legal adults. I watched Love Forecast for Lee Seung Gi, but the question was an easy one since that upside down kiss was famous. Then I chose Grow: Infinite's Real Youth Life. It was a good look into the thoughts and dreams of the members.

I've been a premium member of DramaFever.com for almost four years now. I'm glad they started adding the feature films. A few of the DramaFever.com movies that I enjoyed are Top Star with Uhm Tae Woong, it really spotlighted the tragedy of being too greedy and coveting what someone else has. I recently enjoyed A Moment to Remember with Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo Sung, could've answered the question for that one also. My favorite movie that I enjoyed watching with my kids is A Werewolf Boy, played by Song Joong Ki. So touching the devotion he had for the girl, Park Bo Young."

At DramaFever, we loved offering this fun trivia game for all the fans. Let us know in the comments whether you'd like to see more of this and join us in congratulating the winners.