Last week, we asked OFFICE GIRLS and DramaFever fans to write in and tell us why you deserved a coffee break, courtesy of DramaFever! We received a LOT of great entries, and we agree that all of our viewers (whether they work in an office, are studying hard, or dealing with a hectic household) deserve some rest and relaxation! However, we had to choose one winner from all of the amazing entries, and this time we chose... Jeremy Brien! Jeremy wrote in: I deserve a break because I am a US Sailor about to deploy for ten months. Nothing beats a coffee break for us boys (and our one girl) when we work 7 days a week, 13-14 hour shift, and completely surround by ocean. -Avionics Technician/US Sailor/Office Girls fan :) We agree, Jeremy! Please send your shipping address to us at, and we'll get your mugs in the mail pronto! Thank you to everyone for entering our giveaway this time, and stay tuned, because we have more OFFICE GIRLS mugs to give away to commemorate the big season finale. Thanks again and congratulations Jeremy!