We had so many amazing K-drama and K-pop themed costumes entered into this year's Hallyu Halloween Contest, and now it's time to announce the winners of the sweet prizes, including signed Cinderella and Four Knights posters!

It was hard, but we chose 3 grand prize winners to receive a signed Cinderella poster and a DramaFever Heirs shirt, 5 runner ups to receive a signed Cinderella photo and Heirs shirt, and there were so many cute kid entries this year that we decided to add 4 more winners for a chid costume category!

Grand Prizes

1. Best Historical 

Jin Yi from Hwang Jin Yi

The wig and the costume are handmade by Amu-chii cosplay.

2. Best K-pop

Rap Monster from BTS

"Hello! My name is Shannon McCloskey and my costume is of Rap Monster from BTS DOPE MV version. I do have the straps that hang like one his, they just aren't quite as long. XD"

3. Best K-drama 

Kyung Ja from Let's Fight Ghost by Julia Carlsson

Runner Ups

1. The Queen from the film The Royal Tailor

"100% made from scratch. Over 450 hours of sewing, pearl beading (700+ pearls on the collar), foil applique (I even custom-made the fabric with traditional Korean hanbok foil) and hand embroidery (the huge gold dragon, which I'm still in the process of embroidering 3 more for the shoulder and back pieces...), 60+ yards of fabric, 1,200+ skirt pleats, 16 layers of petticoats and chima and jeogori, plus handmade jewelry and giant hairpiece. I could go into more detail but I'm sure you don't want a 12 page essay on the changing Joseon fashion trends of the 1700's, haha. I might have gone slightly overboard in my research."

-Heather (Fire-Raising)

2. Eunuch Jang from Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds

"My favorite part was making the hat!" -Lila

She even included a making of and dance video!

3. Hye Ryeong from Scholar Who Walks the Night

"Hi I am Landoverlove Cosplay, and I made and am dressed as Hye-Ryeong from Scholar Who Walks the Night."

4. Orange Caramel "Catallena" 

By kdrama.freak

5. Shin Yun-Bok / Shin Yun-Jeong from Portrait of a Beauty 

"Here is my Hanbok costume inspired by the K-drama "Portrait of a Beauty". The costume of the main lead character is a beautiful traditional hanbok which was itself kind of a "cosplay" of the famous Korean painting "Miindo" or "Portrait of a Beauty" by the great Korean artist Shin Yun-bok. I sewed this costume by myself, it was a real challenge for me, especially the jeogori jacket, but I really pleased with the result. Hope you'll like my costume."

-Anastasia Polonsky

Kids Category

1. Mini Taeyang from his "Eyes Lips Eyes" days


2. Baby Shinee Members

"My kiddos were dressed as SHINee when they performed woof woof. My twins are Key and Taemin and my oldest is the backup dancer. the outfits were made by me and a friend. The doghouse says "SHINee Dog house." I have included a picture collage where you can see the SHINee inspiration, a collage of them playing, and a collage of just some fun pictures of them. I've posted the one with SHINee on Instagram as well just to be safe. We had a blast playing around as SHINee. All of my boys love them and dance whenever the music comes on. I hope you enjoy the boys' costumes!"

-Harmonie Beyer

3. Little Baby Baekhyun from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

"This is JoSigh, my 16 month old grandson dressed as 10th Prince Wang Eun from Scarlet Heart Ryeo - specifically from episode 12, because there he is married and has his hair up in a bun instead of hanging down long. Since my grandson has a crazy amount of hair, he often wears it in a man bun anyway. We tried to draw circles on his nose and eyes, but he wouldn't let us. I have included a manually doctored photo along side the photo of Baekhyun's photo where he has the nose and eyes circles. I tried to match the costume as closely as possible. He has a similar bun ornament, a matching belt, a headband and the costume in blue, teal and gray. I even hand painted flowers on the blue fabric, since I couldn't find a royal blue floral fabric. I even included the side slits in the outer tunic." -Kris Brott (K-drama addict, K-Pop enthusiast and EXO fan)

4. Fourth Prince from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

By zahara757

Thanks for all the amazing entries! To view all the entries click HERE.

Which costumes were your favorites?