As reported here on DramaFever, last month saw the conclusion of Shonen Jump Magazine's long-running Naruto, which caused quite a stir among manga fans around the world. Just last week, another manga, this time one which started 20 years ago, officially ended with the publication of its 14th volume. The title of this manga is called Evangelion.

Neon Generation Evangelion, which came out in 1994, officially ended on November 26, the day Volume 14 hit bookstores all over Japan. This popular manga, like Naruto, found worldwide success, being turned into anime, feature animation films, and even video games. And also like Naruto, many fans are lamenting the end of something that's been a part of their lives for so long. "I started reading Evangelion when I was in junior high," tweeted one man. "I never though I would be reading the conclusion at 35."

What got longtime readers of Evangelion excited this time around was the cover of the final volume, which depicts Shinji Ikari standing in falling snow, which symbolizes the arrival of a change in a world that's only experienced summer for years since drastic changes in weather resulted from a global disaster. After fans turned what they thought were the final pages of the manga, they realized that there was an extra chapter, an unexpected episode that caught everybody by surprise. 

As another iconic manga ends after 20 years, a new generation of manga artists and animators are getting ready to fill its shoes.

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