It comes as no surprise to those of us who have been watching the hilarious romantic comedy Another Oh Hae Young that the show's ratings have been skyrocketing! With a rating of 8% for its 8th episode, the drama has now surpassed the highest viewer rating for popular drama Cheese in the Trap, and has earned itself a two-episode extension. 

While the drama only debuted at 2%, by episode 4, its rating had risen to 6%, and is now at 8%, which is very good for a cable drama. At this rate, episode 10 may reach 10%, and if it does, the cast has made several funny promises, such as holding a free hug event and choosing lucky viewers to be Eric Moon's girlfriend for the day.

Too bad us international viewers don't have an effect on the ratings! Otherwise we could band together to make 10% happen and get our chance with Eric!

Have you been watching Another Oh Hae Young? Are you excited that there will now be 18 episodes instead of 16?

If you've had the soundtrack running through your head like I have, check out the OST playlist I created for you!  

You can watch the first 8 episodes of Another Oh Hae Young now on DramaFever:


Another Oh Hae Young

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Jun Hye Bin

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