eunjiwon You may have just heard about Eun Ji Won’s divorce, and the news may have shocked you because of how late it was announced. According to South Korean sources, Eun Ji Won divorced his wife whom he met in Hawaii while he was a high school student, and this news took half a year to get to us. It’s been said many times that Eun Ji Won decided not to announce the news to ensure the privacy of his wife who isn’t a celebrity. However, many speculate that this isn’t the only reason and there’s an even bigger, more political reason: Eun Ji Won is the nephew of the newly elected South Korean president. Eun Ji Won’s agency stated that “it was a better idea to announce the divorce after the presidential election” because Eun Ji Won was one of the key celebrities involved in the presidential campaign. We hope everything’s resolving well for Eun Ji Won and his ex-wife.