Remember the glory days of Oh My Ghostess, when we got to watch Kim Seul Gi and Kwak Si Yang share screen space? SBS just revealed still cuts from their latest show Second to Last Love, which stars both the actors. The stills from the upcoming episode show the two together on screen again for the first time. 

Remember how Kwak Si Yang's character Park Joon Woo owns a healing cafe in Second to Last Love? The stills show Kwak Si Yang preparing a healing dessert for Kim Seul Gi ,who plays the 4-dimensional web toon writer who learned about romance through graphic novels, Go Mi Rye.

The production crew said:

Following last year's tvNs Oh My Ghostess, this is Kwak Si Yang and Kim Seul Gi's second time working together through Second to Last Love. Maybe that's why they comfortably exchange thoughts about the production and match their acting. Might the driving force behind their chemistry not be how they research and mull over how to make the picture come out prettier and to make the scenes more fun every time they film?"

Watch them in Second to Last Love here: 


Second To Last Love

Starring Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hee Ae

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