Happy news keeps coming out of Scarlet Heart. After Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu's real-life romance and recent wedding, another royal prince recently held his wedding, and he didn't need the emperor's approval! The wedding was held in a German castle. Some of the most famous Chinese actors are among the group nicknamed as the "Most Handsome Best Men." Take a look at these photos!

Yuan Hong (Justin Yuan) rose to fame playing Prince #13 in Scarlet Heart. The bride, actress Zhang Xinyi, played the leading lady next to Justin in two dramas, Princess Jieyou and Through the Mystery. When their real-life romance was revealed by tabloid news, Justin was not shy about it and even admitted that he was the one who pursued his bride-to-be.

The wedding was held at the Hohenzollern Castle, an extremely popular tourist destination in Germany for its history and beautiful grounds. At the wedding party were many other Chinese stars who traveled to the famous castle.

One of the best men was He Gu. Poor Hu Ge! He is probably considered the most handsome top Chinese leading man who is still single after the recent spate of real-life romance and marriage news among Chinese stars. He has been friends with the bride for fifteen years and led the group of handsome actors, including Eddie Peng, Liu Haoran, and Ma Tianyu, in the contingent known as "the most handsome best men" for a wedding.

The bridesmaids were Tan Weiwei, Lou Yixiao, Leica He, and Lu Xiawei. Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu, the leading couple in Scarlet Heart, also attended.

The real stars, however, were the wedding couple who looked fabulous in these photos:

They also took very romantic photos in a pre-wedding photoshoot:

They look so in love!

Congratulations and best wishes to Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi!

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