What does it take to make a person a superhero to another? That question is explored in these episodes of Answer 1988. We get to explore the different ways the dads love and protect their families. And we explore just who might be loving others the deepest. Come join us as Kate, Tiara and I, Wendilynn, explore just who was our Superman this week.

Wendilynn: I just have to say I loved the Dad episode. These are awesome Dads and I really wish me and my kids lived on this street. lol

Tiara: I really want to move there. I love how the whole neighborhood has each other’s back. I mean, look at everyone running out when they thought a thief was running around or when Taek’s plane went down. The foremost one was more for laughs, but the neighborhood is more beneficial than a neighborhood watch.

Kate: The dad episode was sweet, but for me, it was also the heart-stopping episode. Between Il Hwa’s breast cancer scare and Taek’s plane, I had to remind myself to breathe now and again. I was glad that Jin Joo’s accident was not too serious and we found out quickly, I don’t think I could have handled more much more worrying about our characters this week.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, Taek’s plane scare was a heart grabber. It was somewhat fun that they explored how stable and calm his Dad is and then we got to see him totally lose it trying to get in touch with his son. Stupid media. That is a man who loves deeply. They kept calling him a bear because he wasn’t obviously freaking out like everyone else all the time. Taek was shown, once more, just how much his Dad really loves him. But it turns out that there are many people who love Taek.


Tiara: Taek doesn’t seem to see his Dad as someone who can lose control. Sun Woo was able to finally give him a chance to see his Dad as more than his parent. He can be frightened, angry, and sad. Parents don’t want to show their true emotions in front of their child. It’s hard to see your parent as a human and not your superhero that feeds, clothes and puts a roof over your head. Bo Ra and Sun Woo also had moments this week of seeing past the parent face to the human side of them.

Kate: That makes sense that the two of them would be the ones that would. I’m never sure how much Jung Bong takes in (though I would bet it is more than we usually expect), but Bo Ra is one of the older kids, and as a protester has seen a lot. She’s fairly pragmatic too, with her plans to learn accounting since her prospects may be limited by her police record. As for Sun Woo, he has been almost a parent to Jin Joo since his father died, so he’s been used to looking at things a little differently. They’re so good for each other. I am not sure why I ever doubted this romance.

Wendilynn: I wasn’t sure where it could go, but they are sure developing it nicely. I really do like that pairing. Sun Woo will have a lot of adjustments to make if he ever learns to accept Taek’s Dad as a possible husband for his mom. Bo Ra was well placed to help him see to the heart of things. He will make a good brother to Taek.

Tiara: Sun Woo talking to his Dad’s picture just about killed me the whole episode. Taek’s Dad would be good for Sun Woo’s Mom and little sister, but I do believe he would be good for him too. A son and mother relationship most of the other Mom’s tend to be jealous isn’t so perfect. They need to sit down and have a serious chat about his Dad and about the future instead of secrets and white lies. I’m happy it was Bo Ra, who kept calling for Sun Woo if he figured out why he doesn’t like Taek’s Dad. It shows the trust and deep impressions they hold for each other.


Kate: Sun Woo’s mom is still resisting the romance right now too, but I think we saw a couple of aha moments for this relationship in both this week’s episodes. Jung Hwan’s mom gently encouraged Sun Woo’s mother to not live only for her children, Sun Woo took a big step towards accepting the relationship--partially due to Bo Ra’s urging him to think about why he disliked it, as you mentioned, Tiara, and the crisis with Jin Joo. I think something started to shift in the way Mrs. Kim saw her relationship with Mr. Choi as she started to lean more on him than on her son. And I think she started to realize it at the hospital.

Wendilynn: Remember, Taek’s dad is the best friend of her brother. This guy is like family to her already. An older brother, if you will. It will take some convincing I think for her to recognize that she really is in love with him already. I was glad that the version of Dad that Sun Woo talks to is a stable sort who guides his son right. You never know how they are going to play that.

Tiara: Speaking of convincing, Soo Yeon is going to have to figure out her own feelings. I do think she has a crush on Jung Hwan, but she isn’t sure of the feelings towards him, yet. The expression on her face when Hyung came out wearing a pink shirt had me ready to slap Jung Hwan for letting him wear the shirt. I should have known better. Jung Hwan already knows his feelings towards Soo Yeon. However, I think he’s starting to see her feelings for him after this incident.


Kate: What Dong Ryong said to Soo Yeon was really on the nose; she needs to figure out what her feelings are, who she likes better before concentrating on who likes her. It’s something I’ve felt about her character all along. It’s not really a flaw- she likes everybody. She’s sweet, and helpful, and caring. She just needs to figure out the difference between that kind of caring and the boyfriend kind of caring. She’s only eighteen, which is the biggest reason why she doesn’t have a handle on this yet. It can take some time to figure out.

Wendilynn: I loved what her teacher said about how she is smart even though she is not book smart. When her classmate had an epileptic episode, she made it all okay by how she acted. She is a caretaker for sure. It’s easy to see how the boys could like her when she’s not beating them up like a sister. lol However, the one who is really stealing my heart is Jung Hwan. His love for his friends is just about as pure as it gets. Here he is loving Soo Yeon so much but he is willing to give Taek a chance because he loves Taek too. I liked that bit about how you can’t hate those you love when you love them a lot and then showing how this applied to Jung Hwan makes him a superman to me. This character has stolen my heart completely.

Tiara: Jung Hwan is going to be the death of me. I love his character with each episode. He feels like he stuck between a hard place and a rock with two people he loves. It breaks my heart to see him try to distance himself away from Soo Yeon. I want to give the boy a hug when he watches Taek and Soo Yeon together. Still, somebody better make a move before long. Jung Hwan or Taek have gone to keep quiet until the last episode at this pace. There are 6 episodes left and we’re not getting any younger. It seems Taek has a plan for his big moment for So Yeon, but will someone beat him before he confesses?

Kate: Speaking of starting off dating relationships, poor Jung Bong and Mi Ok almost missed out on their first date entirely. I could completely believe that Jung Bong wouldn’t clarify whether they would meet at the coffee shop or restaurant. I was worried their romance was going to founder before it ever really got going. It was also a funny little comment on modern dating too, Bo Ra and Sun Woo’s conversation about how useful it is to have phones, and how did people ever date before them? I kept thinking that with cell phones, Mi Ok and Jung Bong could have texted each other quickly and met up in the right place without too much delay. Instead, Jung Hwan and Soo Yeon figured out the snafu and had to play cupid.


Wendilynn: At least they let them play cupid. I have to admit, that these scenes make me laugh so much. Not because they are bad scenes, but because they remind me so much of being a teen in the late 80’s. And playing Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx was classic. That was the theme song to every romantic moment when I was a teen. That song was everywhere and was every dedication. So when I heard it underplaying all of Mi Ok and Jung Bong’s scenes as they try to write and meet, I just had to laugh.

Tiara: I’ve been listening to that song all week and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love the development of this romance. First date may not have started out right, but it ended perfectly. I’m not cool with Mi Ok and Jung Bong keeping the pink shirt a secret. I hope someone lets it slip about a second shirt. Switching topics, Soo Yeon’s family are finally out of debt. I had to laugh at Mom for overcooking, but it’s great to see this huge weight to have been lifted off their shoulders.

Kate: I was glad to see that the debt ended as well! I was worried about Dad’s expression at first, it didn’t look like something good had happened. But it was definitely a weight off the family. And Mom’s overcooking was a funny nod back to the earlier series when Mom was always cooking massive quantities of food. There were a couple nods to the previous series this week. Wasn’t saving the ginseng liquor also something Dad was doing in 1994?

Wendilynn: I didn’t watch 1994 yet, so I don’t know, but I laugh every time that Il Hwa is seen cooking. She’s got several characters who are known for good or bad cooking. Her character in Modern Farmer was the world’s worst fusion cook you ever saw in your life, so anytime she is seen cooking, I have to laugh. I like that the family is now out of debt. They can now give the kids then things they have always wanted to. However, I sort of hope they don’t move out of Jung Hwan’s house. They need to keep our love birds close. He’s my vote for husband. I don’t really want Taek to be successful in confessing his feelings or having them be accepted.

Tiara: I’m interested to see if Bo Ra decided to accept her parent’s support. Will she take their hand or continue with her current plan? I have to say Bo Ra wasn’t my favorite character at the beginning, but she’s got a lot of responsibilities as the eldest and I respect that. I’m with you Wendilynn about the family not being allowed to move out of Jung Hwan’s house. I don’t want there to be more distant between Soo Yeon and Jung Hwan. I’ve been on that ship since the bus and I’m not getting off anytime soon. I love Taek, but he’s like a very cute puppy.


Kate: I’m a little concerned about Bo Ra’s hesitance. Do her parents realize she may not be able to be a civil servant because of her police record? I’m worried they don’t know and she doesn’t want to let them down. And back to the possibility of moving Wendilynn and Tiara mentioned- I vote no moving too, but with only 6 more episodes, I wonder where this timeline will take us. It makes me think we won’t move very far into the future, and the past storylines will end with someone moving away from our enchanted little neighborhood. And the Sung family seems like the best bet.

Wendilynn: Now that they are out of debt, I can’t see them staying in the basement forever. Maybe Sun Woo’s mom will marry Taek’s dad and they will move into his house and then the Sung’s can move into her house? Maybe? lol But the few times we’ve seen the husband in current time, it seemed like they didn’t get together right away so I’m also curious to see where they are taking our time line. However, whoever the husband is, he’s clearly been someone who has loved Soo Yeon for a long time. 

Soo Yeon has no clue just how well loved she really is.  Just how do you think she will take either Taek or Jung Hwan's confessions if she was to hear them?  Let us know in the comments who you are rooting for. 

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