Welcome back to the neighborhood, time travelers! This week found our neighbors looking forward to their futures as the lunar new year approached after the moms got some unexpected fortunes told by a local fortune teller. These fortunes seemed a little cryptic to the moms, but so far, most of them showed the audience a peek at the possible future of our favorite neighborhood seniors. One of the fun parts of growing up is dreaming about the future, but another part of growing up is keeping secrets—and there are quite a few to keep track of right now. Whose secrets will be discovered? Whose fortune will turn out the way they hoped? Join Tiara and me, Kate, as we chat about this week’s episodes of Answer Me 1988.

Tiara: I’ve got a question. With the fortunes told this week, do we also start calling Deok Sun, Soo Yeon? I mean I want the girl to get into college.

Kate: I say yes. Besides, she likes the name better anyway. I’m not sure though that a new name is enough good energy to help that girl impress a college. She is kind and thoughtful and a great friend, but good student she is not.

Tiara: You’re right, she’s not the best student. She’s trying this year or was for about two minutes. Soo Yeon needs all the help she can get and if changing her names helps, I’m all for it. As for the other fortunes this week, my favorite is Sun Woo’s mom. It’s funny all the ahjummas went into the direction of her getting pregnant and that totally wasn’t the case. I truly do hope she marries Taek’s dad soon.

Kate: I thought that one was funny. It couldn’t have been more obvious. She was telling the fortune to Mr. Choi and said something like “a son would have to drop out of the sky” and seconds later Taek walked in. Then they all sat together and ate like a family. I hope Mr. Choi and Sun Woo’s mom figure it out soon- they’re meant for each other. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to give the fortunes more than one meaning. Jin Joo isn’t that old- perhaps another child might come to them if they do get married.


Tiara: The writers did pull a quick one on Jung Hwan’s mom. Jung Bong’s great fortune wasn’t winning the lottery nor was it him getting into college. Of course, we knew about his fated encounter with Mi Ok. I hope in future episodes we can see these two together more. Can I say what a perfect choice in song with “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx. Poor Mi Ok being in a horrifying automobile accident. Perhaps we can get some Jung Bong taking care of her in the hospital.

Kate: I think Jung Bong’s fortune could be read a few ways. He got a love letter. He finally won some chips. But really, I think those chips were something that helped to convince him his luck was turning back around. Losing out on college--again--and getting no reply to love note he sent back put him in a funk that continuing to lose in that silly snack food contest made worse and worse. Between the pep talk his dad gave him about how great his mom was even though she never went to college, discovering Mi Ok couldn’t write back from traction in the hospital, and winning the chips, he gained his confidence back. Jung Bong’s such a dark horse, who knows where that will lead? Deok Sun, I mean Soo Yeon’s fortune so far is the one that has me stumped.

Tiara: I still think Jung Bong will either invent something or collect something which will bring him great fortune. Mi Ok’s father could be an investor for said project. You’re correct around the Soo Yeon’s future. Her future self isn’t telling us much. We are still nowhere closer to figuring out anything about the present. Jung Hwan is distancing himself from her. Taek is starting to be clingy with Soo Yeon. As for Soo Yeon, she’s clearly putting herself out towards Jung Hwan. It’s very frustrating nothing is happening on this front.

Kate: No future (2015) self appearances this week at all! I thought that was a real bummer, they’re always pretty funny, even if the clues are usually too broad to mean much of anything. I think Deok Sun might be on the verge of figuring something out about Taek’s feelings, though, if for no other reason than he’s getting super obvious about them. I’m getting a little tired of the build up though. Soo Yeon doesn’t have to date her future husband yet, but if she doesn’t start dating one of those guys soon that whole dynamic is going to get very tired. And with us over half way through the episodes, and still only in February of 1989, the story is moving pretty slow. I’m starting to wonder if our last 2 episodes might be the Mr. Choi and Mrs. Kim wedding and a lot of flashing forward.

Tiara: Thank goodness, I’m not the only one worried about how long winded we’re proceeding in terms of narrative. We’re more than halfway through and the drama isn’t any closer to explaining whatever we’re supposed to know about these family, friends, and lovers. What is it about these 6 months of time which will illuminate us about their present selves? I will throw something if by episode 19 and it’s the wedding of these two. You watch, episode 19 & 20 will run two hours long and try to tell over 20 years of story.

Kate: Who knows? Maybe it will be Bo Ra and Sun Woo’s wedding, 7 or 8 years in the future. We definitely saw that romance gain a fair amount of ground this week. There was a lot of sneaking around, almost getting caught, and in no time, Taek finds out. He’s definitely not the neighborhood blabbermouth, but how long can this secret last, really? Especially now that Bo Ra is really warming up to Sun Woo. She’s dressing up for him, changing her glasses and wearing a skirt. This has to tip off anyone paying attention to her behavior. She really seemed to dig that kiss, too. I was squealing with excitement when she nodded that Sun Woo could kiss her. Now if only she’ll let him speak informally to her.


Tiara: Bo Ra and Sun Woo are adorable. Boy, what a kiss they had. When Bo Ra changed her glasses and wore the skirt, the look on Sun Woo’s face was precious. I’m happy to see the kinder side of her. The way she acts towards Sun Woo is on equal level. It's a really good match. Sure, Sun Woo had childish ideas about protecting his mom, but it was Bo Ra, who was able to set things into perspective.

Kate: Sun Woo is already so mature for his age. Some of his hurt had to do with problems he shouldn’t have to deal with, problems that come with almost being the second parent in the family. He’s had a lot of responsibility to help his mom since his father died. But he still is a kid too. It was nice that Bo Ra could be there for him, let him cry on her shoulder a little and help him find the strength to do the mature thing. Hopefully this will help him accept Mr. Choi gracefully into their family, too. Because it is going to happen. It has to happen. Right?

Tiara: It really does have to happen. There will be riots if not. I hope to see Taek’s Dad be of some support for Sun Woo. I mean he can never replace his Dad, but he can be a good man and a role model for him. Teak was also able to throw some support So Yeon this week as well. I’m happy to see him more active with the group, but I’m concerned about his health. During the one match, he looked like he needed a serious vacation.


Kate: It’s his smoking. Past Taek? Can you hear me? Smoking is bad for your health. And get some sleep. You won’t be able to win Soo Yeon’s love by making yourself sick. Seriously, Taek might benefit from dating Soo Yeon or gaining Sun Woo as a brother, asap. Either one will make him take better care of himself. Jung Hwan isn’t doing himself or Taek any favors by backing off from Soo Yeon. In the long run, there will be worse hurt feelings if they don’t let Soo Yeon make an informed choice.

Tiara: I hate Jung Hwan trying to maintain his distance from Soo Yeon. He’s jealous and perhaps a bit angry towards Taek. Yet, he loves Taek as much as he hates him. It’s a tough situation for Jung Hwan. He desires to take care of his friend, but he also desires to be more than friends with Soo Yeon. He’ perceptive and restrained, which is why he’s been so careful to not be caught with his crush. However, if he wants to continue a one-sided crush forever, he better man up and tell Soo Yeon before it’s too late.

Kate: I say the same about Mr. Choi and Mrs. Kim. Stop the one-sided feelings. Share them with each other! A woman can’t let a man who dresses up to play Princess Minky with her daughter get away. That man is smitten, and with both of the Kim women. It was such a delight to see him warm up to Jin Joo. We already knew he was a caring father with Taek, I think this shows what a good dad he’ll be for Jin Joo as well.


What will Soo Yeon's name change do for her future?  Will it stick?  Will we ever see Mr. Choi and Mrs. Kim figure out their feelings for each other and get hitched?  Let us know in the comments below.


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