For some, life is a competition and for others it’s about facilitating and inspiring others to achieve their own potential. Our Answer Me 1988 neighbors are learning about the art of competition in this week’s episode. The kids are vying to get into college, passing the bar exam, figuring out their aspirations, and winning the heart of their infatuation. It’s a tough time for our teenagers, but it’s their friendship and love for each other which keeps their bond together. Come join Kate, Wendilynn, and me as we battle out who won the singing contest or who will end up the husband.

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Tiara: I guess it’s back to calling Soo Yeon to Deok Sun. The poor girl. She’s an ordinary teen who desires to get to college, but doesn’t actually have the grades or a dream. She tries really hard to placate her parents, but just can’t be like Bo Ra in the grades department.

Wendilynn: She really needs to decide what she really wants. Not only in the boy department but in her life. She wants people to be happy, and forgets to include herself. Here she is, feeling unwanted by the male population, having no clue that her problems stem from two boys being way too considerate of each other. lol

Kate: I’m not sure she wants to go to college all that badly, either. Like you said Wendilynn, she doesn’t know what she wants. And as you said Tiara, she doesn’t have her own dream yet (though I think it is funny Jung Hwan has borrowed his from /Top Gun/). Maybe if she knew what she excels in it would be easier, but so far she dances like a spazz, gets bad grades, and has no discernable talents other than being a caring friend. I’d say she should be a nurse if it weren’t for her problem with studying.

Tiara: Kate we must be on the same wavelength because I thought the same about her becoming a nurse. She’s really good at taking care of people. However, she needs to focus on herself instead of others. It’s what Dong Ryong said about her being more worried about others happiness and how she doesn’t look at her own. I really want to spend some more time in Deok Sun’s head because we are 16 episodes out and I still feel like I don’t know much about her.

Wendilynn: They haven’t spent as much time developing her wants and needs. I happen to also agree that she’d make a good nurse. She knows how to keep her cool in emergency situations. But this series has been spending more time developing the guys then our dear girl. Even Bo Ra has more character development.

Kate: With some of the focus on poor Dong Ryong this week, even he is starting to get more development than Deok Sun. I was glad to see him get a little attention (storywise and maternal attention) this week, though. He was really looking for trouble riding around on that motorcycle, getting hurt twice. Thank goodness his mom was so grateful he was all right. It was sweet to see him unload all the neighborhood gossip to her. That relationship needed a little healing, and he was so adorable beaming about his mom in the next scene.

Tiara: The Answer Me series, this go around has done a great job in the bromance department. It’s great seeing the connection and love these young men have for each other as friends and family. I’m super happy to see Dong Ryong finally get the spotlight. There was opportunity during the runaway storyline, but sadly he got pushed out. It was a delight to see his Mom and to her surprised at how much Dong Ryong had to tell her. I hope this isn’t a one time thing and she makes some time to spend at home.

Wendilynn: I expected to see Dong Ryong in the police station, I was just expecting it to be because his motorcycle friends were the purse stealers. Kids who are ignored tend to get in trouble that way. I’m glad it just ended with some scrapes and bruises instead. It was nice to finally see his mother. I was starting to not think well of her. Dong Ryong needed her very much and just maybe she knows that now. I think one of the reasons why this series has focused so much on the boys was to set us up to be able to understand our love triangle. We’ve got both Taek and Jung Hwan willing to step aside for the other and we would not be willing to buy it if we hadn’t seen how close they all were. Did anyone else chuckles that 4 teen boys were sitting there watching Dirty Dancing? lol

Kate: I have some pretty fond memories of watching /Dirty Dancing/ with my friends, I thought the movie had universal appeal ;) Maybe the boys liked the dancing? Dong Ryong definitely needs to update some of his moves. Ha. It’s funny how much, though, they built up Taek’s competitiveness. All he and Jung Hwan seem to be competing over is who can step aside the most.

Tiara:Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Ha-ha, unless you’re Taek and Jung Hwan. I swear I have a mixed love and hate for them. They both frustrate me to no end. I get the struggle it is for them, but someone is gonna have to confess. If neither of them plan to confess, they both need to move on. However, Taek seeing Jung Hwan’s goofy expression towards Deok Sun about killed me. It was a moment of heartbreak for the poor puppy. The look on Taek’s face just got sader seeing the picture of Jung Hwan and Deok Sun in the wallet. It was distressing to see these boys gloomy, but one of them or both has to put on the big boy panties and tell Deok Sun. Soon would be nice.

Wendilynn: Well, Jung Hwan has been stepping aside for several episodes now. He’s practiced at it. Although, he really did slip a bit when he showed his affection so much. I have to admit to being surprised at how much you could see that he loved Deok Sun. Taek would have had to be completely oblivious to have missed it. As one who is on team Jung Hwan, I was happy to see that he finally noticed. Now, he has to decide if he really is going to let her go or tell Jung Hwan that it's okay to pursue her. That silent tear in the hotel room was sort of heartbreaking.

Kate: I’m just a little concerned about Taek’s health, too. Taek is always having headaches, not sleeping enough, not eating regularly. If this were more of a melodrama I would predict that Taek and Deok Sun would discover they liked one another in time for him to die of brain cancer or something--he might even go blind first. With a light-hearted comedy I’m not so sure. So far every health crisis (Mr. Kim’s hip, the other Mr. Kim’s stroke, Jin Ju’s fall, Dong Ryong’s motorcycle accident) seems to last only an episode or two. Hopefully Taek, if he is ill, will get better soon after we figure out what is going on with him.

Tiara: Bwahaha!! It’s so true if this was a melodrama. I’ve been afraid of all medicine Taek’s been taking since we found out. I worried he was either sick or slowly dying. Yet, we still don’t know what is condition happens to be. The last few episodes Deok Sun has been making sure he isn’t taking too many pain or sleeping pills. He’s been good at it, but this last episode with all the pills I’m super afraid Taek is going to go to sleep and his friends or Dad find him dead. It’s a KDrama no matter if it supposes to be a comedy. If they desired to pull on heartstrings, this would be the means to manage it. Personally, I think Taek needs to go on vacation. Put his feet up, maybe let him drink a bit and learn to relax. He spends too much time straining to gain.

Wendilynn: Just because it's a comedy doesn’t mean they won’t do something awful to someone. We’ve had some real deep storylines so far. Taek is either hurting under the insane strain of his game play and concentration or he’s very sick. Since his dad would not be sitting there quietly if he was really sick, I’m voting for consequences of his competitive spirit. His games last 10+ hours. The concentration that takes is crazy. That would wear a body down.

Kate: Speaking of tiring oneself out, Jung Bong went to truly heroic efforts to make Mi Ok all those cranes and give her a special birthday gift. How sweet are those two? Did you notice that when he invited her out to coffee again he specified the first floor? Ha. They won’t be missing each other again like last week. The only thing that seems to be standing in their way right now is the disapproval (or outright fear of) Mi Ok’s scary dad, who we’ve only heard from a little, and all pretty much off camera. I’m starting to wonder who he is. They could make some pretty great jokes (or pop references) depending on who he is and what he is really like. All this build up better have some pay off.

Tiara: I believe it’s fear of Mi Ok’s father. Deok Sun doesn’t evening call her friend because of scary Dad. The jokes make me think his business is a little shady. Yet, I get the feeling in Answer Me fashion, it will be a real big joke when they finally show her father. Jung Bong is super cute. He’s totally smitten by Mi Ok. I can’t wait to see where this relationship will end up in present day

Wendilynn: I loved their Secret Garden kiss. I hope her Dad turns out to be a gruff but teddy bear type. He certainly loves his little girl. And Jung Bong sure has turned into quite the romeo. I was so ready to write him off as a loser when this series got started, but he’s really surprised me. I loved that story of the video game competition between him and Taek That was funny.

Kate: He also continues to be the MacGyver of the neighborhood too when he fixed his Mom’s overused cassette tape. But we have to talk about that singing contest. The Moms looked so adorable getting ready to compete in the national singing competition several years back. Who would have guessed /they/ would get too drunk to perform? It was funny too that Mr. Kim thought that they hadn’t been able to compete because of food poisoning. Yeah, too much soju could be “food poisoning.” Wink.

Tiara: To be fair, she didn’t really lie. They were poison with liquor which means it was a white lie. Can we have a drama with the Moms as KPop idols? Pretty please with a cherry on top. I love the Moms and seeing them in their hanboks with 80s hairstyles is screaming for a KDrama to be made. I’m mournful Jung Hwan’s Dad couldn’t perform with Deok Sun. That is a performance I would pay money to see.

Wendilynn: The moms had me rolling. They were very cute with their frizzy ponytails and hanbok’s, but it was watching them get drunk that was so funny. I’ve been that nervous before but to watch them keep drinking and drinking just made me laugh. I really love the parents of this kdrama. They are all just adorable characters. The Dad’s were all busy discussing stocks and baseball and their kids. And way to go Taek’s Dad for showing his pitcher abilities while playing ball with Sun Woo. I’m glad to see that both boys are on board for that relationship to work.

Kate: I think the “Singing Cheetah” dancing to the egg seller’s tape is the part that had me the most in stitches. Mrs. Kim kept dancing even with the mistake of a tape, even as they pulled her off stage. She’s a real trooper. Taek’s dad also showed us some hidden depths and strength too, as we got to see him show off his athleticism. How happy was he to play catch with Sun Woo? He put his baseball shoes in a flash and ran out to the field. All Mo Sung has to do now is screw up the courage to propose! It seems that the kids have all been won over.

Tiara: Who knew No Eul had some pipes? I hope our little No Eul wins the contest. Speaking of Sun Woo, he’s is growing up to be a fine young man. He’s attempting to start to know Taek’s Dad for not just his mom’s sake, but I do believe in himself too. Ahjussi can’t replace Sun Woo’s Dad, but he can become a friend. I like how Sun Woo tells his Mom to invite Taek’s Dad while Taek is away. I love when Taek tells his Dad to be happy and if it’s with Sun Woo’s Mom to go for it. Both these sons are encouraging their parents to be happy together. Where’s a tissue when you need one?

Wendilynn: The feels of this show is so amazing. I’m amazed every week that I sit for 3hrs watching this show and I still feel surprise when we get to the end. I”m ready to hit the next episodes and I hate that I have to wait a week.

Kate: Two weeks this time, they’re taking a break this weekend- it seems producing those three hours takes a lot of time. Hopefully that will be enough of a break for Jung Hwan or Taek to make a move. Argh.

Tiara: We can hope with a few weeks break these boys either flip a coin to decide who confesses or they do it together. I guess it just leaves us time to relive the last 16 episodes all over again. The longest KDrama marathon of 16 episodes. It’s the KDrama version of Lord of the Rings.

Wendilynn: ROFL… that’s a good analogy considering they are filming a movie each week. Maybe we can hope for Deok Sun to finally get her head on straight and decide which guy she wants to have. There is a part of me that wants her to decide and surprise one of them with a kiss.

Tiara: I second that choice instead. It would make it easier on the boys for her to spring into action. Good thing there isn’t a director’s cut of Answer Me 1988.

Tiara: Another friendly reminder about the Answer Me 1988 break which was announced back in November. The next episode will be available on January 11th. What to do during the two week? As we mentioned above, relieve the memories by marathoning episodes 1 to 16. Are there clues from the present day selves we’ve missed about our love triangle? Did Sun Woo and Bo Ra end up married? What’s your favorite moment in the series so far?

Another option to get your Answer Me fix, marathon the original Answer Me 1997. Relieve the Kpop Idols, the fashion, the technology, and the music. After re-watch Answer Me 1994. Relieve the young adult college life with friendship and family.

It’s going to be a long two weeks, but I know we all get through it. Fighting!!! Until next time, watch more dramas.

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