Is it fate? Coincidence? Or does it all depend on timing? Is Jung Hwan just out of luck or has he just hesitated too long? Has Taek finally been able to make his dreams come true? Who wants Duk Seon more? Join Kathryn, Tiara and me, Wendilynn, as we debate whether or not we want to take a wet noodle to Jung Hwan for being a dork in Answer Me 1988.

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Kate: We certainly saw a lot of bad timing (and some good, I think) this week. Not surprising though, as our narrative sped up and we saw a lot of time covered in the episode 17 in particular. It also meant we could cram plenty of heartbreaking moments into two weeks. Thanks a lot, writers.

Wendilynn: Well, they made us wait two weeks for these two episodes and boy did they keep everything snarled. By this point in 1997 you had a good idea of which way the wind was blowing, but this show is just keeping it close to the chest this time.

Tiara: Bad timing doesn’t evening describe this week. We’ve been waiting for a bunch of stuff to happen for episodes and weeks and finally we deliver on some of them. I’m glad to finally see the group out of 1989. It seemed we were in that year for a very long time and weren’t really seeing the kids grow up. I get it was a period of time, which was important to the hereafter, but I desired to watch about time past and not at the last minute. I was sorry to see all the couples slip before the time jump.

Kate: I know, episode 17 was the break-up episode for our adorable Mi Ok and Jung Bong, as well as Bo Ra and Sun Woo. My heart couldn’t take much more, so thankfully our favorite neighborhood romance took the next step. I will say that the proposal was pretty low-key, but it was wonderful to see Sun Woo’s mom and Taek’s dad (and all the kids) together as one big happy family.

Wendilynn: While that proposal was lame... “ It’s cold so let’s get married” Really? lol You could see how everyone was happier that they were now a family. Although, why were they living in separate homes? So the boys could keep their own rooms?

Tiara: I’m super happy with Sun Woo’s mom and Taek’s dad finally getting married. It’s a little strange how their living arrangement is, but I’m glad they didn’t sell either one of the houses. It still allows Sun Woo to have his memories of his home and dad. Mi Ok and Jung Bong breaking up was disheartening. I felt for Jung Bong when he finally got a letter back from her. I can’t believe how ecstatic I was on their reunion. Bo Ra letting go of Sun Woo was a little foolish. I understand they were going to be both busy with studying, but they can study and date.

Kate: The timing just wasn’t right for them at the moment- I could buy that. Law and med school are really time-consuming. But I was surprised that they got back together in the next episode. Yes, 4 years passed, and we’re running short on episodes that we have left, but it felt very soon. And how adorable are all our grown up (or sort of grown up) neighborhood buddies? Deok Sun in her flight attendant uniform looked so polished! And Bo Ra in her suit, Sun Woo in his lab coat. Their friendships with one another seems to have matured well; they still keep up with one another, tease one another, and hang out in Taek’s room.

Wendilynn: It was a little weird to watch how they did the time jumps. I honestly would not have pegged Duk Seon becoming a stewardess. However, did anyone else get teary when they showed how Jung Hwan kept picking his future careers? We thought it was because of movies, and it reality it was living for his brother instead. It was very dusty in my room at that very moment. They tease Jung Hwan for not being romantic, but they really have no idea how adorably romantic that boy really is.

Tiara: Jung Hwan has always done things for his brother because he can’t. It’s shows the amount of love he has for him. You’re right Wendilynn, he’s totally a romantic. I must say Jung Hwan looks fantastic in uniform. I hope we get to see more of him in it. Speaking of lab coat, I have one word to say, Oppa!!! This cross over with the 1994 was laid out perfectly. I like how he’s classmates with Sun Woo.

Kate: It was a much better constructed cross-over than the one between 97 and 94. But I would have been happy to see Trash any way they wanted to put him in the show. Speaking of surprise appearances though, who else was shocked by a guest appearance by No Eul’s abs? I wasn’t sure what to make of that. Is little brother still nursing dreams of a singing career and working out to try and bolster his image? In addition to what it meant for his character, after spending so much time seeing him as a bit of a goofy kid brother it was just an odd moment.

Wendilynn: I think the appearance of chocolate abs was to tell us that he was pursuing a singing career. They even made comments about how he has shows he’s doing. So it seemed clear that he’s got to have that idol bod. It was not a bad one, either. *fans self* I want to comment on the ‘94 cameo. I thought they picked an interested moment to cross over. We’ve had Jung Hwan talking about timing and fate, and yet, the part of the story we join up to ‘94 was their timing and fate moment. As if they were contrasting a timing moment that worked, against a timing moment that may or may not have worked depending on which husband you are rooting for.

Tiara: The question it seems is timing fate. Really it’s just fate being a witch with a capital B. If only Jung Hwan left the theatre a few second earlier, he would’ve gotten there before Taek. The way the drama set the scene it was not playing fair with the audience, but its Jung Hwan’s confession which had me almost throwing my laptop. The moment we’ve all been waiting for and it’s played off as a joke to Dong Ryong and Sun Woo. Are you kidding me!! Not cool drama, not cool. *head shake*

Kate: I don’t know, I kind of agree with Jung Hwan’s voice over. He realized, finally, that he had refused to make a move so many times in the past, that blaming it on fate and traffic lights this time was a bit of a cop out. But I felt your frustration too. Deok Sun didn’t marry Taek when he picked her up at the concert. If he was planning on going for it, he should have done so honestly, and not as if it were some kind of joke. But I wonder what the hints in 2015 might be telling us this week. Did Jung Hwan lose his last chance?

Wendilynn: I was so moved while he was confessing to Deok Sun. She was moved too. You could see it in her eyes that she was feeling something. But then he covered himself by “fulfilling” Dong Ryong’s wish that I actually yelled ‘you coward’, at my screen. Of course, that wasn’t the only fake out this show has given us. Taek’s kiss with Deok Sun was a good kiss and I was frustrated when he woke up. I may be Team Jung Hwan, but I’d been waiting for one of them to kiss her… grrrr.

Tiara: I actually had to laugh at the Taek and Deok Sun’s kiss scene. You would think Taek would learn not to take more sleeping pills after almost mistaking the dream as real. The whole kiss was just another way for the drama to drag out who is present day husband. I haven’t lost my faith in Team Jung Hwan. Look at present day Husband. The hair looks like Jung Hwan. Also the zebra looking blanket thing totally makes me think of Jung Hwan’s mom. Speaking of mom, what do you think is wrong?

Kate: Well, since we had a surprise baby instead of menopause in 94, I’m thinking they can’t use that fake out again. Her hot flashes might just be actual menopause. I’m more worried about Deok Sun’s dad, though. His work is running him ragged, and a nose bleed is usually not to be taken lightly in K-dramaland. I hope dad isn’t sick! I want to see him cry heartily at his daughters’ weddings, because you know he will, no matter what he bet his wife. He’s definitely the dad who cries at weddings.

Wendilynn: He’s a total softy, and I think you are right, someone is sick. But, I still love these parents. What an awesome set of friends they all are. I loved listening to the parents talking about the dreams they had for their kids. These parents love their kids fiercely.

Tiara: Considering Dad had cancer in 1997, they better not kill him off. I don’t want any of the parents to die. We already had enough dead parents in the story. I loved the scene with Deok Sun and her dad. I was reaching for tissues when she told him about not having a dream. I loved seeing him comfort her by telling her it’s okay. He’s such an awesome dad. I know now where Dong Ryong gets everything, his dad. However, he never did learn to study.

Kate: Don’t we all start with big dreams? It was fun to hear the parents talk about how they had wanted to be singers, actors, dancers, and artists. But like Mr. Sung said, life happens and you’ve got to pay bills. Now all he wants is for his family to be healthy and happy. I think that’s true for a lot of us as we grow up, and our neighborhood gang are figuring it out for themselves now in their twenties, piece by piece. In the meantime, though, I wouldn’t mind if Dong Ryong managed to earn enough to start his own restaurant, or move up a little in the world. Poor guy.

Wendilynn: You know, when they started flashing Baduk stats for Taek, I had to wonder if those stats had belonged to a real person. Sure enough, a little digging and someone really did win 111 games in 1989. The real winner that year was Lee Chang Ho and he was every bit the prodigy that Taek is shown as. Makes me wonder if they based Taek on him or not.

So, ladies.. as we head into the final week next week, what would you like to see happen? Do you think the ring is still sitting on the table?

Kate: I’d like for the Deok Sun husband question to be settled early in the next episode, so we can spend the rest of the time seeing more of the relationship develop. I’d like to see dad cry at Bo Ra’s wedding to Sun Woo, and then at Deok Seon’s. And I’d like to see everyone get their happily ever after. My guess though? Taek. But I could be totally faked out by this week. I’m not sure Jung Hwan can come back from that “joke” confession. What do you two think?

Tiara: Deok Sun will go back to the restaurant to pick up the ring. Fingers cross, she calls him on his BS and we can start the honeymoon phase. We’re going to see Bo Ra’s wedding to Sun Woo, but the drama will make it seem like it’s Deok Sun’s wedding. Everyone will live happily ever after as we see Deok Sun and Present Day husband (Jung Hwan). The end.

Wendilynn: lol. I’m also hoping that Deok Sun saw through the joke and realized it was a real confession. The look in her eyes suggested to me that she knew it was real. I hope I didn’t read that wrong. I would love to see Jung Hwan in uniform standing at the alter waiting for Deok Sun. And I think that’s as far as I’m going to go with my predictions.

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