Tiara: The best thing in life is friends that are like family. Answer Me 1988 brings another look into a core group of friends whom some of us can relate to while the rest of us are just envious. Nostalgia of the series continues as we drive into the complex lives of the kid’s parents, loyalty of friendship, and beginning of first crushes. Grab your denim shirt, stirrup pants, and Air Jordans and come join Wendilynn, Kate, and me as we bust a move to win a cassette player at the talent show — or we just discuss episode 3 & 4 of Answer Me 1988.

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Wendilynn: I tell you what, 90 minutes is a long time for an episode, but there so much stuff going on that you don’t feel it.

Kate: Even with so many plot developments in 1988, I missed older Deok Sun’s presence this week a little, though I enjoyed seeing 1988 Deok Sun’s character grow more. Poor girl can’t dance, is terrible at school. She is, however, a great friend.

Tiara: I concur with you Wendilynn about the duration of these episodes. It’s a gift to be able to jam a great deal of story into a 90 minute play and not make it feel like it’s too long of a episode. I’m with you Kate on missing the older presence. Okay, so I’m trying to look for clues at who her husband happens to be. I will not get my heart broken and I would really like not to have second lead syndrome again.

Wendilynn: I think they don’t want us guessing too soon who the hubby is so we might not see him often. I had to laugh a little this week as Deok Sun and Jung Hwan discovered that they are in fact a boy and a girl. I was laughing so much. I felt a little sorry for Jung Hwan. The LAST thing that boy needed was to react in that way to a girl he considered a sister. lol

Kate: I too, think they didn’t want to play around with the future husband thing too much. And it does seem that Sun Woo and Jung Hwan are early front-runners. Deok Sun made herself up to go out with Sun Woo, and still seemed somewhat stuck on him when she was waiting for him to go to the bus with her. But Deok Sun and Jung Hwan definitely had some adorably heart-melting moments this week too. Jung Hwan holding Deok Sun up as the bus made so many sharp turns was so sweet I would be surprised if she does not start looking at him differently as well. Then again, he may just have been trying to avoid having his shirt ripped again--ha!

Tiara: This time around the Answer Me team is changing up the formula which is refreshing. It would’ve been annoying if they went the same route of “who’s the husband” by going back and forth to past to present day. Instead we get to see how things were during progressed without having the present to make us question or feel cheated. Jung Hwan has stepped up on my list. He may seem like a rock but he’s actually just a big softie towards Deok Sun. I’m going to enjoy seeing where this triangle is going because it feels natural. As for Jung Hwan coming in to save the day on the bus, it had nothing to do with his shirt. He was too far away for a repeat.

Wendilynn: Yup, that was deliberate on his part. And melted my heart too. But he had several heart melting moments. Like when he realized his dad was dealing with hurt feelings and worked to reconnect with his dad, if even for a moment.

Kate: Jung Hwan did get a lot more character development this week, and I’m definitely glad that the show isn’t pitting a mean boy in need of reform against a sweet boy with a heart of gold. So far both Sun Woo and Jung Hwan are great guys, even if Jung Hwan plays it a little closer to his vest. We also got another peek into some of the parents’ relationships as well. What did you all think about the neighborhood dynamics for these episodes?

Tiara: Jung Hwan and his dad had me smiling like a fool. I was happy father and son were able to reconnect. Seeing his dad, sad isn’t right. Deok Sun’s parents fighting sounds frightly too close to home. It was sad to see them fight for most of the episodes. Seeing Mom be envy of all the husband’s taking care of the wife was just depressing and I wanted Dad to take that step forward. I can’t say I don’t understand Dad in wanting to help that old grandma. He has a kind and caring heart. It was the moment with the umbrella which made all their fighting seem so minor. Mom only ever wanted was a gesture from the man she loves. I’m glad to see Mom and Dad happy evening if it will probably be brief.

Wendilynn: It’s pretty normal for couples to fight, but they were starting to belittle each other and that wasn’t good. They have a pretty good marriage most of the time, but I can understand mom getting upset when her own needs aren’t being met. It was nice to see them reconnect by the end of ep 4. As for Jung Hwan’s Dad, I never want to see him sad again. It's like making a puppy cry. You should just never do it. I don’t want to see him sad the whole rest of the series. I’m glad his family finally noticed he was depressed. He’s living a life he’s not unaccustomed to, with more money than he knows what to do with and nobody seems accepting of his sense of humor now. I bet you anything that silly sense of humor made things light when they used to live in a cramped basement home.

Kate: Mom and Dad’s disagreements are both understandable; it’s rough trying to make ends meet and Mom feels the brunt of that while Dad knows too, but on a more general scale, and wants to help all kinds of people out. I do have a harder time connecting with Mrs. Kim, though. It did warm my heart to see her loan money to Mrs. Sung, and offer extra to help with the class trip, but it is painful to see her try to force more expensive tastes on Mr. Kim, and appear embarrassed by his desire to do without so many new things. I am looking forward to an umbrella-type moment in their relationship too, when she realizes how good a husband she really has. After that, she can go back to bad-mouthing him with the ajummas, if she needs to keep up her reputation.

Tiara: I agree Mrs. Kim can be a tad forceful when it comes to her husband accepting to buy things with their money. I do believe this is her way of trying to make up for all the things she couldn’t do for husband when they were dirt poor. It may not be right, but it’s her way of trying to cope with the change and probably the embarrassment of how they lived before. She desires to assist those like she was aided by her husband’s friend. Of course, she didn’t realize the man her husband was helping was the same friend. I do think she has learned her lesson. She recognized something was amiss when her cheerful husband was simply being quiet. She was delighted to see her husband back to his normal self after the reconnection with Jung Hwan. I do believe she cares and loves her husband.

Wendilynn: She did learn something, and it was reassuring to see her smile when she saw her husband smile again. I was starting to dislike her a bit. We got to see that she’s actually got a warm heart because I was confused how such a cranky woman landed such a funny and simple husband. But I think I know a little bit. They really do try to take care of each other in this neighborhood. The mom’s were all looking after Taek and his feelings. Thankfully, his friends came to his rescue from all the well meaning efforts of the others. He needed their ragging and letting him yell out his frustration. lol So funny.

Kate: That was funny. All the adults in his life were walking on eggshells, avoiding him, offering him special food, telling him it wasn’t a big deal. Then his friends came in and just told him he stinks. So far, I think his biggest smile in the series has been the one he got loudly cursing to blow off the disappointment of his loss. He’s usually so quiet and controlled. Now all they need is someone to help his dad relax and have some fun too.

Tiara: The group doesn’t care if he’s a world champion or a genius. Taek is one of them. He’s family and you get treated like one. They are going to point out your weakness, but they will laugh with you. It seemed a little wrong for them to teach poor innocent Taek to curse, but the kid really needed to let go of the stress. For a boy who can solve a Rubik’s Cube, but can’t open his yogurt and add those headaches makes me worry. Please drama, don’t make him be ill. We will have words if he turns sick.

: Taek is high functioning autistic. I have family members just like him so he always pulls on my heartstrings. He needs to be pulled out of his own head every so often and watching his friends be goofy and silly with him, reminding him that he’s just Taek with them was so important. It gives him that balance he needs. But we saw that they give each other that support even if it gets them in trouble. The way they came and danced at the overnight for Deok Sun when her friends got hurt. *snort* That’s what real friendship is about. They have each other’s back when things are going right and wrong.

Tiara: After episode 4, it’s hard to not possess a soft spot for Jung Hwan with his heroics on the bus. He’s a front runner for present day husband after these episodes, but we can’t rule out Sun Woo. Yet, the actual question is Deok Sun’s feeling about Sun Woo. Her friends are the one to infer the kind gesture he made at the ddukbokki shop means he likes her. We will have to watch out where these lovelines are going. Speaking of the future, Deok Sun wants to head to college, but doesn’t have the grades to make it. It seems the girl just isn’t really good at anything. I wonder what magical talent Deok Sun will have to help her get into college. The parental units of both Deok Sun and Jung Hwan is peaceful today, but I don’t believe this quiet time will last. There’s never a quiet moment in this neighborhood. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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