Tiara: Answer Me 1988 is feeling the love tonight. I do believe love in the air or it could just be nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide? It’s a wind of love in the air. All you Answer Me shippers, it’s time to get ready as your ships start to set sail and others head into war. Grab your compass and your flags as your captains Kate and Tiara set our sails on this little adventure of love. Captain Wendilynn is out looking for loot this week, but will be back next week.

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Tiara: I can feel the love in these episodes this week will all the matchmaking these episodes were doing. Which couple should we begin with? Let’s go with the surprising couple of the episodes with Taek’s father and Sun Woo’s mom. Who knew these two were childhood neighbors? What a twist. I mean he’s her oppa and it was just down right adorable to see these two finally break down the courtesy wall. I have to admit, I really want these two to get together before the end of the drama.

Kate: I am rooting for those two as well. It would be wonderful for each of them to have each other to lean on-not that we didn’t see them take a big step this week. I have to say, though, I wasn’t sure which surprise couple you meant. Jung Bong and Mi Ok was another one that warmed my heart as they possibly met their destiny in each other with their chance meeting. Maybe Mi Ok’s rich dad can help Jung Bong find a job and he can finally give up on that college exam.

Tiara: Jung Boon and Mi Ok were fated not a surprised. *wink* You could be right about Mi Ok’s dad giving him a job, but you mark my words, Jung Bong probably invents something which makes him a millionaire. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be a game developer. There is something funny about Mi Ok falling for Jung Boon. Shifting back to Taek’s dad and Sun Woo’s mom, I also hope they can share with each other their shortcomings, fear, and happy moments together. These two have both lost their partners. They’ve both done a wonderful job of bringing up their kids unaccompanied. I hope the drama gods will take compassion on them and stick them together before it’s too late.

Kate: We also saw the Taek-Deok Sun and Jung Hwan Deok-Sun triangle develop further this week too. Ugh, can Deok Sun marry them both? Taek and she are just too cute for words. From her taking such good care of him on his baduk trip to China, harassing the hotel staff until they helped her feed him and keep him warm, making his bed up with her electric blanket, and telling him to wear warm clothing to their silly bantering on the trip to the beach, I love them both to pieces.

Tiara: The drama is trolling us with those drop hints of the love triangle. I'm not falling for it this time. My heart can’t take it being split into a million bits. Nevertheless, these two couples feel honest and realistic. I enjoyed discovering the connection between Tech and Deok Sun deepen in China and at the beach. However, it was Deok Sun which was more interesting. The self-center oblious Deok Sun was like a mother hen towards Taek. Deok Sun’s thoughtfulness, passion, and caring was shown big in these episodes. It’s not surprising Taek and Jung Hwan would fall for her.

Kate: In the romance that didn’t happen, however, I got some laughs this week. Did you notice Deok Sun, more than once, announce how little she was interested in Sun Woo (or including him in events)? I snorted at this a few times. Her pride is still a little wounded over that. The reaction feels very true to high school, though. Good thing Bo Ra is planning on keeping her new relationship a secret. Hopefully Deok Sun will have some time to adjust-and get a boyfriend of her own-before Bo Ra and Sun Woo become public. Still, how long do you think /that/ secret could possibly last?

Tiara: The secret relationship will not last long. Despite Deok Sun being lead astray by her friends once, they actually had good advice this time. I was holding my breathe when she asked Jung Hwan if she should go on her blind date. Of course, the drama has to cut away. The worst part is Deok Sun knows Jung Hwan likes her, but Taek confess he has a crush on her. The poor puppy. After Taek told the guys, the look of pain on Jung Hwan’s face made me want to give him a hug him. I just hope we don’t see some noble idiots in the next episodes. If Jung Hwan starts ignoring Deok Sun, I might break my computer.

Kate: I’ve got to focus on something else, since she can’t have them both, we know somebody is going to get hurt. How about poor Dong Ryong? No one seems to even put him in the running. Heck, his parents forget his birthday AND don’t realize it when he’s run away. Guy needs some special attention. Or at least some home cooking at his actual home once in awhile. While I do agree with Bo Ra that he should count his blessings, his parents could be there for him just a little more.

Tiara: Dong Ryong not only got shafted not only by his family and friends, but by the drama. The poor boy ran away from home. Both him and Jung Hwan’s dad had birthdays in these episodes. They both were upset due to their mom’s being gone. Sure Dong Ryong’s mom is still alive while Jung Hwan’s dad will never see his mom again. You would think we would’ve spent more time in Dong Ryong’s head with his running away. It makes sense why he’s always sleeping at the study room or over at any of the kids houses because he doesn’t want to be alone. You’re right about Bo Ra’s speech to him. His parents do care for him to buy him all those expensive clothes and leave money for food. He just needs to voice to his parents to maybe have a home cooked meal once a week.

Kate: Speaking of running away, Bo Ra sure pulled a fast one when she stuffed her blanket and snuck out for yet another protest. Of course, when she was stranded miles from home without a way home, she called everyone else in the neighborhood first before trying Sun Woo. I’m having a hard time figuring out when she finally decided to give him a chance, but I think that he went to get her and made sure she ate something was one of those moments that helped push her towards him. It probably also helped that after giving jerk boyfriend a second chance he still didn’t manage to treat her right- are did I misread that situation?  

Tiara: I think Bo Ra took the approach Deok Sun’s friends told her about just dating him to find out if she likes him or not. Clearly, she likes Sun Woo as she’s never had to scary yell at him. She’s always been super nice and caring towards him. Sun Woo has done the same for his noona. I do believe it was the moment under the umbrella which made her change her mind. He had the umbrella covering her while he got rained on. It’s a small act, but it made a big difference.

Kate: Bo Ra and Sun Woo have had a couple umbrella moments. I think we may have discovered something here- the key to romance is fried eggs and umbrellas. Now let’s just get Sun Woo’s mom and Mr. Choi under an umbrella and they’re good to go! Let’s just hope that if they do get together, it isn’t because of any more mean mother-in-law issues. That woman needs to stay away from our Mrs. Kim!

Tiara: And pink gloves - We must not forget the pink gloves. The evil mother-in-law is a piece of work. I’m hoping her oppa will help her be able to buy the house away from that wicked woman. That woman took out a loan on the house just to take her grandchildren away from their mother. Can the truck of doom find that woman? If there is one person whose fate should end by the crossing the street, it’s hers. I give the cheer of my people to Taek’s dad and Sun Woo’s mom - “Get Married, Get Married”.

Tiara: The war between Team Jung Hwan and Team Taek continues. I have my favorite OTP, but I’m trying not to get my hope up too much. There is one piece of the husband puzzle which the drama has yet to pull the wool over my head to believe it could be either of them. Most of you may have already figured which of the teams I’m rooting for, but I still have spots for the other team. The series has reached the halfway point and only the beginning of 1989. It makes we wonder if we will continue as the other two series and do some fast forward to late years. Or is this a set point in time for our characters in the choices which lead to our present? The drama has 10 more episodes and 26 years of story to tell. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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