Who's ready to head back to the 1980s? TvN's upcoming series Answer Me 1988 might as well be a time machine because their latest teasers are all about capturing the hair, makeup, and entertainment of the '80s. Take a look at the full set of five nostalgia-filled teasers! 

Teaser 1: Makeup

I cringe every time I see Hyeri going for her eyelashes with that match. Don't do it, Hyeri!

Teaser 2: Hair

I remember a time when I used to beg my older sister to help me make my bangs fluffier. The '80s must have been a great time to be in the hairspray business.

Teaser 3: Fashion

I don't mind if denim-on-denim is stylish again, but can we all just make a pact not to let shoulder pads happen ever, ever again?

Teaser 4: Pop Culture

If you have absolutely no idea what you just watched, let me leave this here as a reference:

Teaser 5: Technology

So many hours spent with one finger on the "record" button, waiting for the radio to play my favorite song! A great mix tape does not just make itself, okay?

What did you think of the teasers? Are you ready for a blast from the past? Answer Me 1988 premieres on DramaFever on Friday, November 6. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!