If you've been watching Answer Me 1988 and feel a little bit sad that Dong Ryong is the only friend in the series without his own loveline so far, this news might cheer you up! News broke earlier today that Lee Dong Hwi, the actor who plays Dong Ryong, is dating model Jung Ho Yeon in real life!

Both the actor and the model's agencies released statements confirming the relationship. Lee Dong Hwi's agency said the following: "Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon are in a relationship. We are confirming with the actor on specific details," adding that it was difficult to confirm specifics with the actor due to his busy filming schedule.

A representative from Jung Ho Yeon's agency stated, "It's true that Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Dong Hwi are in a relationship. We'll appreciate it if you look upon them favorably." 

Lee, 31, made his acting debut in 2013. Since then, he has had a variety of supporting roles in both films and dramas, with Answer Me 1988 being his biggest role to date. Jung, 22, made her debut through the series Korea's Next Top Model. In October 2015, Vogue predicted that Jung will become the next big international model from Korea.

I've always found Dong Hwi particularly charming in his comedic roles, so I'm sure they have a lot of laughter in their relationship. Congratulations to these two!

You can see Lee Dong Hwi as the lovable Dong Ryong in Answer Me 1988 below: