Hyeri isn't fighting with the haters. The lovely Answer Me 1988 actress has recently been criticized for her facial features. Some viewers of the tvN drama have written mean comments online, particularly about the size of her nose, and the Girls Day member is taking it all in stride. Instead of fighting with the haters, she is actually agreeing with them. 

During yesterday's broadcast on the Naver V App, the Girl's Day member had this to say: “I’m all swollen today, and people are saying I have a huge nose. I haven’t drawn my eyebrows at all today. This is all mine. I have straight eyebrows, and I draw my eyebrows straight.”

She added, " People tell me in the comments that I have a big nose, and they’re right. My face tends to swell up easily. The reason why I move my face a lot usually is to bring down the swelling.”

The haters can be so cruel! However, Hyeri proves she is wise beyond her 21 years by refusing to argue with the negative people. All they are looking for is an argument. Why give them what they want? 

What do you think about her mature response to netizens? 

Watch Hyeri's fantastic performance in Answer Me 1988 below:

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