The hit Korean drama Answer Me 1997 is so good that producers from the American television company FOX have decided to make their own version, Answer Me 1999.

The drama will follow the same format as Answer Me 1997 with the timeline moving back and forth following a group of high school friends who came of age in the late '90s. Answer Me 1999 will be written by Step Up 3D writers Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer, and director Jon M. Chu will be directing the first episode. It is described as "a musical journey through the most transformative decade of the modern era — one that catapulted us into the digital age and forever changed how we interact with each other."

While I typically shutter any time there is the mention of an American remake of a Korean drama I love, I am actually intrigued to see it because I grew up in America during this era and I can just imagine the main characters being super into N'SYNC or Britney Spears like I was!

You can't tell me you have no emotional response to this! Just look at little Justin!

What do you think of an American version of Answer Me 1997? Are you going to watch?