As we continue with the episodes of ANSWER ME 1997, we also can't help but keep up the reminiscing (check out our BLAST TO THE PAST post).  This time I'm back with some more 1997-specific events from around the world, in honor of this awesome drama! Dundundun....... Internet Explorer version 4 released: Dial-up time! Does anybody still use Internet Explorer?  Well, remember the days when you didn't have a choice?   The first book in the Harry Potter series is published: In other parts of the world it's known as "The Philospher's Stone." Either way, it was the first in many more books to come in a 21st century wizarding revolution!   Films Titanic, Men in Black, and My Best Friend's Wedding : You've probably seen all three of these Blockbuster hits, but did you know they all came out in 1997?  Oh, young Leo!   A movie ticket cost about $4.59: Speaking of movies, today a movie ticket cost about $12 on average.  Can you believe that only 15 years ago it wasn't even half that amount?   Paul McCartney is knighted by Elizabeth II: And so he became SIR Paul McCartney!   Spiceworld: The Movie: Who has this at home on VHS?  *raises hand* Yeah, and if you haven't seen it, YOU MUST!  It's a rite of passage, seriously!   Bands “Destiny’s Child," “Death Cab for Cutie,” and “Coldplay” formed: Yes, all three of these mega-bands started in '97!  Can you even remember a time WITHOUT these game-changers?  Yeah, neither can we.   Beanie Babies become the must-have toy for Christmas: These are an investment, they said.  They'll be worth thousands in the future, they said.   Kpop girl bands S.E.S. and Baby V.O.X. formed: Aww, baby Yoon Eun Hye!  And look at that hair!  And those clothes.  Ah, the beginning of kpop groups!   There were 151 Pokemon: I don't even want to know how many there are now.  Too many to catch 'em all, at least =/   Pluto was a planet: It just doesn't seem right to only have 8 planets!! Poor Pluto.  Don't worry, you'll always be a planet to us.   So how was 1997 for you?  What's your favorite memory? Keep up as ANSWER ME 1997 comes to a close!  Catch all the episodes as soon as they come out on!